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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2019-07-30 20:07:58

Haha lisa i love how liam is just a toy for you and olivia haha! Is she still curious about his junk? Have you played the nut shot game with him recently?! I love how you encourage her to abuse his junk haha!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2019-07-30 20:00:58

Hey tyler good to hear becky is still having fun with your junk haha!

Tylers nutsac is still under my full and constant control! I still squeeze his balls before bed every night! Thats so much fun! Yesterday i pulled his boxers down and squeezed and squished them hard and dug my finger nails into his balls! His reactions were so funny and his moans and groans helped me sleep haha!

Then today we had to go to Sainsburys with mum after she had finished work. Tyler was wearing a tshirt, hoodie, joggers, white socks and flip flops haha! As we were going around the shop i sneakily punched and slapped tylers balls a few times! His reactions were funny! He moaned and groaned and doubled over! Some other people saw and some giggled! Then when we were looking at something i managed to sneak up behind tyler and place a very accurate punch right between his legs and into his nutsac! He had a tough time trying to act naturally as if nothing had happened haha! His moans were hilarious and he was walking funny for a while. Some people saw and a girl my sort of age giggled!

Then there was a queue for the checkout and i was getting bored so i entertained myself by smacking tylers balls twice when he was least expecting it! Again he had to try and act naturally but it was obvious he was in pain lol! Then as we got back to the car i gave his balls a quick squeeze which made him double over and groan haha!

Its so much fun having a teenage brother!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2019-07-24 18:13:54

Hey lisa i love how you played the nut shot game with your son and daughter again! I love how you gave her the freedom to hit his balls in anyway she wnated! I love how she then stepped stomped and crushed his balls between her foot and the floor! She sounds like a great little sister and youre a great mum! What are your kids names?!

I love how you teased him for his boner when he was in his boxers and how you made him $%!@. What else have you been up to with him?!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2019-07-24 18:12:09

Hey tyler i knew you would have had a boner when your sister used the hairdryer on your balls haha! Teenage boys are soooo predictable haha! I love how your mum and sister slowly stripped you naked while watching TV haha! I love how they smacked the waistband of your boxers into your balls! I havent thought of doing that with tyler before. I will have to try it tonight!

I had some fun with tyler today. My friend emily came over and we went to the beach. It was pretty warm haha tyler very quickly took his shoes, socks and top off, leaving him with just a thin pair of shorts and his boxers on! We played on the beach for a little while, and of course managed to hit him in the nutsac a few times for fun! We then went to play on a mini golf. We managed to punch and smack tylers balls a few times! Then we sat on the edge of the beach with an ice cream and emily squeezed tylers balls really hard which caused him a lot of pain and discomfort haha! Its so much fun having a teenage pair of balls around!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2019-07-22 18:40:20

Haha tyler $%!@ are weapons when i want them to be! Likewise balls can be too lol!

I love how becky was standing on your balls this morning to wake you up haha! I havent woken tyler up like that before but i have jumped on his balls and squeezed them before haha! Balls are just toys to sisters! I love how becky used the hairdryer on your balls too! I bet you got a boner too lol?!

I had some fun with tyler today! Mum had to leave early for work so it was just me and him for most of the day as school has finished for summer! He came downstairs for breakfast in just his socks and boxers! He had a little bulge in his boxers and i said sokmwething like "there is something in your pants". He was embarrassed! I then poked his willy and balls while he ate his breakfast causing him to wince and groan haha! He then went back to our room to play on his xbox and after a little while i went upstairs. I sat next to him and slowly reached over and cupped his nutsac! I gently squeezed his balls and he started moaning "ahhhhhh my nuts ahhhhhh" haha! I then pinched each of his balls which caused him a great amount of pain! His reactions were so cute "ah my balls"!

I then teased him and within moments he had a nice bulge in his boxers! I teased him by slapping his $%!@ and giggling as it bounced around in his boxers! "I love it when your $%!@ bounces around inside your boxers tyler!" i said to him! He moaned "it hurts my $%!@ though". "Aw diddums!" i replied! I then started stroking his $%!@ a few times and it got harder and then i smacked his $%!@ hard and then punched his balls hard! His reactions were funny!

Then i took a leaf out of your book. I read your message this morning but couldnt reply as i was too busy with tyler! I took him into the bathroom and i pointed the shower jet at his balls! I took his boxers off beforehand. I made sure the water was on the hottest setting. He was moaning about how his balls were burning haha! I then used the hairdryer on his balls which was so funny! I then put the shower jet on the coldest setting and directed it at his nutsac! I think the cold was worsr for him than the hot! I used the hairdryer again and made sure the hairdryer touched his balls which he really didnt like haha!

Then later on i made him lay on the floor and i sat on his nuts and bounced up and down on them! His moans and groans underath me were hilarious and it was so funny feeling his balls getting crushed under my weight! Thet was a lot of fun! He was in his socks and boxers all day and mum didnt seem at all surprised to find him in his boxers sat on the sofa doubled over and cupping his balls in pain when she got home haha!