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Yes, being watched by some boys which satisfy their curiosity doesn't hurt me. When I notice them I pretend I didn't. Well, after some time noticing them and see them running is some fun too. But I will not tell their parents or anyone else. No need to get them into trouble.

Yes, the problem for voyeurs. They can get in deep trouble when they get caught. It was some time ago that two boys were peeping on me while I changed clothes at an outdoor pool. I was asked if I recognize the boys to hand them over to police. I knew it was them but I said no. So they had to let the boys go and they were quite relieved. People make sometimes too much fuss about it.

TanteAnna, it was a fantastic feeling. And it was real fun to see how people tried to catch a look on my naked body but tried so hard no to be caught peeping. I don't mind to be seen naked.

Yes awayness, it should always be this way.

Reminds me to a dare I did few years ago. I was swimming in an indoor pool. When I went back to the showers I put off my bikini. I took bikini, towel and locker key and hid in a safe place. After returning from the shower I pretended that it is all gone. Stark naked and dripping wet I went to the bath attendend and told about my dilemma. He sent an assistant to help me searching for my stuff. He tried avoid looking at me but from the corner of my eyes I saw him always looking when he thought I wouldn't see it. I saw a few people looking secretly at me. After two hours we "found" my stuff. They said it must have been a prank of some boys who wanted to have some fun and apologised. I said all is okay and no one got hurt. Was an exciting experience.

I hope that too Sandrabmum. Going to school with bare feet and bare legs and the bottom covered just by a short skirt is going into the right direction. Already four or five girls are doing it in the class of my daughter. They all like it.

At home and garden of course naked and barefoot. For outside she has a few dresses that barely cover her bottom. When she bends over you can see her bare butt.