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Posted in Uniform knickers at UK secondary schools on 2019-07-26 20:35:28

Hi Emily

Yes, I too had kissed a boy, on holiday, mostly because of the curiosity to try. Claudia, on the other hand, has exchanged several kisses, but she hasn't gone any further (even though he always tried to touch her). They got share the mail address, he has already returned home.

Yes, Federico told me about his experience in the Turkish bath, it made me laugh, I'll tell you briefly next time, if you're interested.

It is pleasant to stay in bed without anything on. I hope you and Joel have fun tonight!

Yes good, do you remember! The dress looks good to me, and has been perfectly arranged. I've worn it often lately to go out.

There are lots of activities in the gym, but, of course, there are no boys practicing rhythmics gymnastics, nor artistic, we have a space just for us.

We'll go to the movies late in the afternoon, and then we'll dine there. Sunday I don't know if I will be able to connect online because I go to my grandparents (I will wear my floral dress), but as soon as I can I will write.



Posted in Uniform knickers at UK secondary schools on 2019-07-26 18:12:31

Hi Emily

On a school trip I went to Trieste, which is by the sea.

Yes, it's the longest time that my sister and I have been separated. She will arrive Sunday night.

I have just finished chatting with Claudia. Spend her days on the beach, it's hot but also windy. She will return very tanned. She even had a boy kiss her.

If you decide to go out without knickers tell me about Joel's reaction, I'm curious. I hope you really do.

I'll sleep naked tonight. I found out that Federico is sleeping naked at this time.

Luckily there were no males in the gym LOL When you do your training you are focused and you don't think about it, but in the end you find yourself like this and you feel a bit strange.

I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy your anniversary, and I bet you'll make love.

I wait to read you later.



Posted in Uniform knickers at UK secondary schools on 2019-07-26 17:20:05

Hi Rebecca

I'm glad to reread you. Yes, I was where they shot Downtown Abbey, which is also popular in Italy, I saw it. The two residences seemed to me a lot. They make you dream!

Here the climate is still torrid, even though tomorrow it might rain.

Will you work all summer?



Posted in Uniform knickers at UK secondary schools on 2019-07-26 14:43:07

Hi Emily

The Valsugana is in the mountains, near Trento, in northeastern Italy.

I'm excited by the idea of seeing Elena again, not only to listen to what she has to tell, but also because I missed her, my beloved sister. I think she's getting a little nostalgic about her family now.

I'll go to the cinema tomorrow with Federico.

By now I'm curious: as soon as I find the right inspiration I'll ask mum if she ever went out without knickers. You should ask Joel what he would think if you were to do it.

At night we turn off the air conditioning when we go to sleep. Mum gave me permission to sleep naked if I want, so far I've always worn a nightshirt, but maybe tonight I could sleep without anything. Now I'm in my room, with only white knickers.

I hope that despite the problems with the prism you can enjoy your anniversary. Tell me then!

This morning I went to the gym with Maria Grazia. Our coach is on holiday, so we did simple exercises alone. Mum stopped to watch the workout. It was very tiring, also because the air conditioning felt very little. When we finished mum gave me a spanking for a joke, saying that I had a nice wedgie trouble with the leotard. At the time I was embarrassed, but then she and my friend laughed and I smiled too. In my sport they are things that happen.

After lunch I fell asleep and woke up recently. I think that now I'll read something, and later I'll call Claudia to hear how many nice guys she met at the beach today (joke!). I hope to also read your post later.



Posted in Uniform knickers at UK secondary schools on 2019-07-25 18:06:19

Hi Emily

In August we will go a few days in Valsugana, to visit some friends of my parents, my sister will also come.

Elena did not bring specific clothing to ride on holiday, but it seems to me that there are many possibilities for riding in Camargue. Even Alex rides, his parents don't know.

I don't know how far my sister went, on the phone there was no need to talk about it. Surely she will return home as a virgin, but I sensed that something intimate has done.

I talked a lot with Federico on the phone, but we met only live one evening at his home, when my parents went to visit his family. We always laugh a lot together.

If I have to be honest I hate underwear like it's so hot, I never went out home without knickers (even if I imagined the situation), but you could try, maybe with a longer dress. I wonder if my mum ever did it...

At eight o'clock in the evening there are still 34 degrees, it seems incredible! From Saturday afternoon, however, it should start to rain.

Good evening, ciao.