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Posted in boys clothing limits/summer on 2011-12-26 21:58:03

I tried the link and it appears to be working.


Posted in boys clothing limits/summer on 2008-12-29 16:25:18

You certainly will have achieved your goal of limiting your son's clothing for the summer -- completely naked with no shoes -- whether others are clothed or not. There isn't much more you can do in that regard.

You say he is required to be naked at home. If you want to restrict his clothing even more then I would follow up on the suggestion above regarding carrying a t-shirt or tank top with you.

I would suggest you put away all his clothing at home so that he cannot dress himself. When you are going out put him in a pair of cut-off shorts, barefoot and shirtless. If absolutely necessary then you can slip a tank top on him before going into a restaurant or shop.

Even better in terms of having him feel like he is close to naked, would be to put him in a pair of bikini style boys swimwear. You say he is on the swim team. I would not recommend the speedo type swimwear that swim teams wear. The suits are too tight and restrictive and not good for a boy's health. Rather, the type of suits that the company Aussiebum makes would be great: the loose 1.5 style has no elastic of any kind and is kept on only by the drawstring. The fit is loose, but minimal. For him it will feel as if he is naked. It is definitely not the cultural norm in Florida for a boy to wear only a bikini swimsuit and it is the most minimal clothing that is totally legal. You can put a long tank top or t-shirt on him when going into a shop and everything will be completely legal.

If you follow this pattern, then your son may find that the only time he is completely dressed is when at school. Basically your son will be naked or barely clothed from now until he is 18 years old.

Best Wishes

Posted in What do you wear at home? on 2004-10-19 14:08:04

In reply to the question about when I first went bare: I was naked a lot until I was about ten years old. After that I wanted to be naked more than I actually was. By the time I was about 14 or 15 I started being naked at home some of the time. My family was casual about nudity, but didn't hang out naked. Meaning I saw my sister, parents, some friends, naked, but always in situations like the bathroom, changing, getting in and out of wet clothing, etc. I wanted to just be naked at home. I did some of the time--no one complained--but I guess I didn't have the courage to push past the non-encouragement!

Skip some years forward and one summer in my twenties it was very hot and I got some kind of hives or rash or skin condition. Every place that anything touched my skin I broke out in huge welts. That was enough to make me go naked as much as possible that summer. If anyone came over to the house I simply explained it was a medical condition.

That experience made me realize most people weren't going to freak out and faint if they saw a nude body and if they were going to be simply uncomfortable it wasn't my problem. So I've been naked as much as possible ever since. The main reason is that I don't like clothes!

Now I have kids and they live in a house where anyone can be naked, just like I wish my home had been when I was younger--so it is a nice thing. I think they appreciate it, but I know I do because I would hate to have to cover up all the time in my own home.

As for going to a nude beach or resort, it is certainly not the only place to be naked. After all, you live at home, not at the beach. But if you do have the chance to go, it is nothing to be shy about. It all feels very normal after about 2 minutes.


Posted in What do you do in the nude? on 2004-10-17 21:02:12

Interesting to read everyone's comments. I was particularly struck by one of the earlier comments about the 'really nice family' that turned out to be nude on the second floor of their home.

Well, we don't tend to have second floors in Florida, so that is an interesting cultural concept that I see pop up a lot on these polls. Does that mean our homes aren't as divided up as to purpose? Mostly I would say Florida homes tend to be smaller, at least until recently, and less apportioned between 'family' and 'public' areas. Also it is warm a lot of the time, people dress more casually, etc.

All in all, nevertheless, I think it is a good point that sometimes the people you least expected have different norms of behaviour than yourself.

I am nude as much as possible, but I'm sure that many people I know don't realize that. It is no secret, believe me, but on the other hand I consider it 'normal' behaviour so I don't go around broadcasting it any more than someone else would tell everyone that they stay clothed at home!

If you come over to my place, however, I'll probably be naked, since I am naked at home almost all the time, so that includes any activity done at home. Also naked in my yard, hiking if possible, swimming if possible. Have been naked at other people's homes, parties, resorts, beaches, parks, etc.

Why am I naked: cuz its more comfy!!! We are two adults, three kids at our house, it is clothing optional, respect for everyone's decisions and their bodies, just like we respect everyone's decisions and their bodies if they are clothed -- no difference.

Best to all sjt

Posted in What do you wear at home? on 2004-10-15 15:16:37

I have been sort of reluctant to call myself a "nudist" simply because I don't like sticking myself in categorical boxes. However, I have to admit that as I've gotten nude more and more of the time, and as I've benefited so much from it, I am bordering on calling myself a nudist. I guess the dividing line is that I've gone from simply being naked, to encouraging others to try it!

Yes, I've gone nude at: home, other people's homes, beaches, nude resorts, hiking in woods or fields, festivals where nudity is permitted.

At other's homes I have been at homes where I knew nudity was okay, and I have also asked if anyone minded my being nude at homes where I didn't know if it was okay. So far people have always answered that they were okay with it themselves, but to put something on if certain people came over. Fair enough!


========== In Reply To ========== to everybody who goes nude at home , whether it be by personal choice or not. do you consider yourselves to be nudists and have you gone nude any other places other than at home, if so where. from ben.