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Posted in Males being totally naked for physicals. on 2020-02-18 18:59:24

Well, I went to the dermatologist because I had some suspicious spots on skin. It had to be checked. It is a female doctor and she told me she had to fully check my skin. As cancer doesn't care about modesty I had to undress completely and I stood fully nude while the doctor checked me all over. At the first moment I was a bit embarrassed buth then I thought that she is a professional and that she is right that leaving out spots of the skin could be a grave mistake literally.

Posted in Have you girls been groped or molested? on 2020-01-24 08:58:22

Softboy, if your friend chosed a guy who didn't dare to say or do anything she did deserve to be groped and raped.

Jason, the party was quite a sucess. Both my daughters got stripped naked and fingered and groped. My older daughter told her sister to relax as it is quite normal on these parties. Both had to suck a dozen $%!@s. There boys were around 12 to 20. A few older boys didn't stop at the blow jobs and $%!@ed my older daughter. You can tell the girls were quite popular,

Hi Jasonv, I have seen her sucking $%!@ of a neighbour. It was a hot view when she was doing it. Seeing the $%!@ buried deep into her mouth while the guy looked extremely satisfied. I heard her talking that she sucked the $%!@ of a stranger who groped her first in a train. It was late and nobody was near so he wanted more than groping and got it from my daughter. My younger one was present when her sister gave a blow job to a classmate. She asked how this goes. So she told her sister to relax and she hold her head while the boy shoved his $%!@ into her mouth. My older one told her sister she could come to a party where there are a lot of boys which they can suck off. What a hot thought to know both my girls side by side sucking off boys. Giving blow jobs together.

Posted in Naked sports on 2019-09-21 05:06:20

Teresa, your mom is quite open minded when she still let you go to wrestle training and even allows that the boys can have you within reason. How did you feel when the boys had taken you without limits in mouth and pusyy at the same time? Are you glad that this is now a bit limited? Or did you thought it all velonged to the training?