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Posted in Wild Girls! on 2020-02-14 21:28:18

Which century do you come from? Most mentally stable males would realise that girls don't need permission from boys to do anything. You're either living in the past or need serious counseling. Preferably under a protection order.

Posted in Curious about PE kit on 2020-02-14 11:02:38

I went to a private school around the same time as Loz and did most of my pe lessons topless. In GCSE classes in years 10 and 11 there were some mixed lessons and I'd grown quite big on top lol! Some lads did comment on my boobs but all positive. For some gymnastics lessons I took my knickers off so I always made sure I was neatly trimmed downstairs for that!

I had a similar experience. My best friend in my class in school had a younger brother and when I was 12 and in first year of high school, he was still in the top year of primary. One holiday time, I was swimming at our local pool and saw my friend with her mum and brother and when we came out of the pool we stayed together in a group. My friend's brother came in the shower with us and saw me naked. I was a bit uncomfortable because he kept looking at my bits and smiling! I got used to it.

Very like Loz, it broke down barriers because that summer, he came round to my house regularly and was often in my room when I was naked or getting undressed. It didn't bother me because of our experience at the pool.

Posted in Primary School PE Kits! (UK) on 2019-09-23 00:15:13

Thanks for your replies everyone. I agree that the innocence has gone now and it's mainly down to the media I'd say. They want to lynch anyone with the slightest of excuses when most of what goes on is harmless.

I'm glad some of you had a bit of fun with your replies because I must admit, by 11 years old, I quite fancied some of the lads in my class and I actually looked forward to PE so I could take my clothes off in front of them and watch them do the same lol! Couldn't do that in schools now...

Posted in Humiliating pe experiences on 2019-07-29 02:17:02

I wrote elsewhere about girls having to wear just our knickers if we forgot our PE kit up to the end of year 9 which was embarrassing enough, but if a group of pupils constantly misbehaved in a lesson, the whole class would get a detention at lunchtime which was classroom based. The odd thing is the first time this happened (I'd previously been in a different school) we had to go to a classroom instead of the PE changing rooms and instead of putting our PE kit on, we were told to strip down to our knickers and the boys down to their underpants. IN other words, it was like those who'd forgotten their PE kit except ALL the pupils in the class had to do it, not just the naughty ones. Some of the shy clever girls were mortified - they basically had to take all their clothes off in front of the boys except their knickers and then sit and write for an hour and we were made to sit boy/girl boy/girl. I felt sooo embarrassed with a boy each side of me, constantly looking at my bare legs under the table and occasionally glancing sideways to look at my bare boobs. The practice of this kind of detention ended in year 10, and as far as I'm aware was ended completely a year after I left.