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WOW is it that long since I was on here?! Apologies @EdunRevol and @DaveThePartyGuy

As for teasing the boys, I suppose there was a fun element of showing off to it, but that became less in time. As for revealing panties, I once forgot that I was wearing some pink lace ones but once I'd taken my other clothes off in the locker room, I realised I had no choice other than to wear them for ballet - I got a few interesting looks that day!

Public recitals didn't happen but we did perform for parents and friends on a number of occasions and the girls performed topless in those. I doubt it would happen these days though, unfortunately. It was harmless and quite a thrill.

Posted in PE detentions on 2020-01-21 01:16:11

I agree, especially for girls when I was in school. Like Ezzi, there's nothing more effective for getting girls to remember their PE kit than to have to come out of the changing rooms in just our knickers and exercising topless for an hour with a load of boys in their underpants! NOT to be repeated if at all possible lol!

Posted in Classmates in the change room on 2020-01-14 01:41:30

I had a similar experience when I was in yr 9 in school. My younger brother had some friends who came round to our house regularly. They were still in primary school but no way in the world would I have let them see me with no clothes on!

One day in the summer holidays just before I started yr 10, I was swimming with some friends at our local pool and saw a couple of my brother's friends. I waved hello and carried on swimming.

When I was taking a shower, I was shocked to see the two boys with one of their mothers, coming into the shower with me! I was totally naked and they both had a good look. I was very embarrassed!

No Dave I don't mind! I was 34 C and not really, the two boys were good friends and we had a laugh about it afterwards - they'd seen me like that in swimming and PE detention anyway!

There's a video doing the rounds on YouTube of a Russian ballet school where the girls are only allowed to wear knickers for the exact reason mentioned - it's to see the body line. I went to a private school and for a term in yr9 (8th grade) we did ballet - it was optional, others did other sports but there were 7 girls and 2 boys and we did ballet topless, even though there were boys in the class. It felt natural and the boys were lovely anyway <3