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User: Rod


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Posted in THONG UNDERWEAR, WOMENS' PREFERENCES on 2002-04-05 19:15:31

I want to know why Black women (in general) don't like to wear thongs. I see all these gorgeous Black women wearing the fitted knits and tight pants and skirts...all the while sporting full back panties. It's not like I'm looking for panty lines; a full back panty is just so obvious under a fitted skirt. And why is it that, in the visual media, White women can prance around comfortably in the smallest g-string when the sistas seem so inhibited that even a bikini brief is too risque?! How 'bout it ladies. Whas up? Why don't Black women wear thongs?

Sandra Bullock, Denise Richards, and Tamara Hickey... at the same time! They'd have to take turns enveloping my love rod, but they could pleasure themselves and each other while they're waiting.


Posted in Female body hair (for girls only) on 2002-03-18 19:57:36

Rhonda, you go girl!

I'm a man who loves a smooth, bare pair of labia on a woman. It's SO sexy! There is nothing better to lick in this world. And I find armpit hair and leg hair on a woman a turn-off. Discovering that a woman I'm dating has shaved her pubes off completely makes me achingly hard. It's incredibly arousing.


Posted in Sexiest Canadian Female? on 2002-03-18 19:29:24

Tamara Hickey, from The Associates, is a major babe!

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2002-02-24 15:53:19

I've heard indirectly about this Amanda...from others online. SHe sucks $%!@s, swallows and also licks unwiped $%!@.