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User: Tom US Navy


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========== In Reply To ========== This thing was created on January 17, 2002, and today it is November 6, 2002. And yet guys still are obsessed with this survey, and it remains one of the most active and popular polls.

The male species baffles me. It can both erect (pun intended) incredible civilizations and then bring them crashing down by becoming stupid and making polls about how much it'd like to have sex with women it will never, ever meet, and even moreso, never ever have sex with. Ever. $%!@ing amazing.

Congratulations, fellas--you've now surpassed the opposite gender in insanity and illogical endeavors. It's okay, though, we were getting sick of those two anyways

Hey Mr. Subliminal, For your information, I have met and gotten to know some lovely young women who work in the entertainment business. I have established friendships with these girls. For all those who doubt it, unattainable girls can indeed be attained. The most important thing a guy can do is to just be himself and treat a girl with respect. Best of luck to all guys focusing on dating hotties, don't give up!

I have also to comment on Jessica Simpson, what a lovely young beauty and good singer. What a disgrace that she married a civilian puke like that 98 Degress singer.

I wonder why they left out Reese Witherspoon? Myself and about half the USN, USMC, USAF, USCG, and USA want to have sex with that cute blonde till the cows come home. Hey Ryan Phillipe, in case you are reading this, be more appreciative of your marriage to Reese. After all, there are 30,000 young, ruthless, bloodthirsy hardchargers who are bigger, stronger, smarter, better looking than you who will not hesitate to kill you like they would a Soviet soldier and take Reese for themselves!

========== In Reply To ========== What if one of theses girls was kicked in the groin? That would be sooooooo cool. You should all check out WWF: trish/lita/stephanie, they are the best. Lita has been hit in the groin several, Trish was hit once, and stephanie was never, but they all should be!!!

Good idea, girls think it is funny when guys get hit in the groin, about time they see and feel what it is like!

========== In Reply To ========== What the hell happened to Sarah Michell Gellar!!!!!!!!

And how could Pam get #1? I wouldn't do her if I was paid $1000000 for it. Just disgusting... eww!

Iceman, Right you are, how could they have left out Sarah Michelle Gellar? My guess is that if they put her name on the list she would easily get over 97%!