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Yes, I am 14 and this past summer a cute girl named Rachel (same age) beat me up after she caught me looking down her blouse. It was an excellent view as she wasn't wearing a bra - I saw it all; boobs, areolas, and nipples. When she realized what I was doing she straightened up, put her left leg behind my right leg, gave a shove and down I went. Before I could get up she was on me and got her left arm around both of my arms and held them behind my back. She repeatedly punched me in the face with her right. I ended up with swollen and black eyes. She saw me again about a week later and got angry all over again. I asked her to please not beat me up again and she gave me the option of another beating or a whipping. I opted for the whipping because no one would see the results of it. She made me give her my belt then made me turn around, lean forward and give the tree in front of me a bear hug. She administered a 12 lash whipping then made me thank her for the lesson she taught me. I do everything I can to avoid her but if I am around her again I will definately not look down her blouse again!