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Today the last persons of the opposite sex to see me naked were the 2 girls from next door. One is only 9 and the other is 12. I hadn't been home from school that long, but I had already undressed, and I went down to the kitchen to get a soda and they were in there. Their mom was with my mom in the living room and I hadn't heard them come in. I just said 'hi' and got a soda from the fridge and they said 'hi'. I really wanted to stop and say something else to them, but couldn't think of anything to say and was desperately hoping they would say something too. But they didn't and I left the room and went upstairs. Then on the stairs I thought of something and went back down and into the kitchen but they had gone back to the living room.

Posted in boys pubic hair remouval on 2019-11-04 18:04:14

After my bath last Thursday evening, my mom shaved me. She shaves me about once a week, always after my bath. On Friday when my grandmom, Nan as I call her, was bathing me, she asked me if I shaved myself there, and I told no it's mom who does. I told her that some of the boys at school get shaved at home. I said that mom says I'm cleaner down there and Nan said yes probably. Granddad said it made me look about 10 years old.

Posted in Spanked in private. on 2019-10-31 21:25:06

Another last Saturday of the month just gone by and another caning.

Posted in Which is most embarrassing 2 on 2019-10-22 13:59:25

This morning at school a boy asked me if I got an erection now when being bathed. I told him I didn't and surprising me he admitted he did and it was kinda embarrassing, specially when his sister pointed and laughed. He said his mom didn't seem to care and never made any comments. He asked me to let him know if I ever get one. I told him I would!

Posted in Peeing in general (boys and girls) on 2019-10-22 12:25:54


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I think it is very mature of your friends at school who know about your personal problem to be so understanding and not make unkind comments or tease you about it. It seems your real problem is your fear of staining your underwear with drops of pee after you have finished and not simply that you need help. It was good of the friend to help you, though. I think I would help another boy if he confided to me he had a similar problem to yours. It must be as embarrassing to tell another as to admit to wetting the bed.