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Posted in MAN ON THE MOON? on 2003-01-04 17:22:29

========== In Reply To ========== Just another footnote.

Film begins to melt at 150 degrees. The moon in the direct sun can reach as high as 270 degrees, and in the shade as low as -150 degrees. An extremely harsh enviroment for taking pictures. In reserching the Hasselbad cameras used on the lunear surface, the specs showed none of them had a built in cooling device. Yet every photo that I've seen, and I've seen thousands, are perfect.

you are totally right Josie, it does start to melt at 150 degrees...I also have seen hundreds of perfect pictures, i mean perfect....just some more evidence....

Posted in MAN ON THE MOON? on 2003-01-04 17:18:52

========== In Reply To ========== People are stupid. Believing in a conspiracy is perfectly ok, I mean I've got my own few that are dear and near to my heart. However, pick a better one than fake moon landings. The evidence against it is so incredibly vague and flimsy, you'd have to be retarded or willfully ignorant to insist it never happened.

alright retard,let me begin with retard means late, or retarded in french, you pick and choose, mix and match, whatever, i just thought you might want to know that. Now your opinion on "pick a better one than fake moon landings" is out of line, you have a few conspiracies of your own that are dear to you, can't you accept that maybe this concpiracy may be dear to some of us. also easy on the insult here..retarded (note that you chose your own nickname) willfully ignorant..ok, if it makes you fell better. the evidences are there, they might be "vague and filmsy" to you, however you don't stand anywhere, you either believe it had happened or you don't. obviously you're having some problems....and it just shows that you might be the "stupid" one here. now I just might tell you that you should pick better conspiracies than the one you already chose...you got no evidence. how does this sounds to you....pretty ignorant and very arrogant. well that how you sounded by posting your lovely note, pretty dumb. and who exactly are you to tell us all this... i thought so...then go back to your "much better conspiracies" and let us deal with ours.

Posted in Babysitters and Kids ages on 2002-05-28 00:21:15

I love my sitter! she is like my big sister. im 9 and i hope i never outgrow amanda (i no i will). She watches me everyday after school and one weekend a month she stays at my house. i think shes a senior, but i duno the levels that well, shes on the top one n e way and is going to college close so she will still watch me, im glad 4 that! ;)

Posted in GIRLS GETTING CHANGED AT UK SCHOOLS on 2002-05-21 20:57:47

Hi girls, i once had an embarrassing moment when i was in Year 8. I was the last one getting changed at the end of the day. I was alone so i didnt go about covering myself up i took off my sports kit which included my knickers and bra. I then walked to the shower i then showered and got out and just as i was about to get dried and dressed the two male PE teachers walked in to lock up the room. I was standing their with no towel and completely naked. I was shocked i ran to get my towel and they apologised. I thought i had quite enuf embarrasment when people started saying that i had a shaved vagina which had been spread around the school by these teachers. I told the headmaster and he said it was probably some boys mucking about but i know it was the teachers who saw me.

Posted in Nudity Family/Public etc. on 2002-03-14 18:12:51

That sounds great resembles my family habits mail me and wel talk summore.

Mail me please