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Posted in MAN ON THE MOON? on 2003-01-04 17:59:24

========== In Reply To ========== Stars are millions of light years away, it's no wonder the photos look the same.

and to argue about a point so many people make. they say the flag was waving and there is no breeze in space. very true. ...however, there is also almost zero resistance in space. the flag was set in motion when it was put there.

why is it soooo hard for people to beleive that humans have been to the moon? and if it's impossibal, why is it that a millionaire was just allowed on a trip there?

I played w/ the idea in my mind for a while, and i still can't accept that we didn't.

no millionnaire made it to the moon. no one ever made it to the moon....even if neil and buzz had, they never talked about it...why? because there is nothing to talk about.

Posted in MAN ON THE MOON? on 2003-01-04 17:55:58

========== In Reply To ========== WOW!!!! Where have you been all my life??? What are you doing wasting your time writing polls when out there people are suffering and so many questions are left unanswered! Run my friend, run as fast as you can...DON'T STOP HERE!! You hold all the answers! You were born with a gift, a higher intelligence, you know ALL and you see ALL... is someone getting my point here? Why don't you concentrate on learning proper English, (spelling and grammar would be good), instead of contributing to stupid conspiracy theories and acting like you invented the world. Come on, man!!! Give me a break. Use your energy to do something constructive.

excuse me, didn't you stop here for some minutes...oh that's right to give us a lecture...well thank you and good bye...take your pity "i know it all attitude" and your higher power and go fix the world hunger...go, go with the wind, I don't see you using your energy to some constructive purpose....so why don't you lead the way....don't turn back, we are right behind you.

Posted in MAN ON THE MOON? on 2003-01-04 17:47:10

========== In Reply To ========== This really made me laugh, until I realised that the fool was serious.

you really made me cry until I realise you were hopeless

Posted in MAN ON THE MOON? on 2003-01-04 17:44:24

========== In Reply To ========== yes we went to the moon on several Apollo missions 11,12,14,15 (13 did not land) and more were planned but the energy crisis and recession at that time in history not to mention the watergate scandal stopped us from continuing or study and with the developement of the Space Shuttle gobbling up NASA's monies the moon was left behind. There are simple answers to the questions of the non-believers but they seem not to be able to comprehend basic physics either so its not going to matter to them. Stupidity is not an excuse. The movie Capricorn 1 was not about faking moon landings but about faking a Mars landing. ( I can see where the ignorant wood get the two mixed up they both start with that MMmm sound)

joel, joel, joel, dude you've got some balls. you're calling us stupid and ignorant. well, well, well, try us, give us your scientific proof,language which according to you, we can't comprehend...is that so. shut your big mouth and put your little fingers on the keyboard and explain it big boy. go head!!! we are ready for your scientific explaination...don't worry you won't be the first. please note that we are also providing Scientific evidence to back up our theory...like basic laws of physics, you know things like that...but why bother explaining them to you..."stupidity is no excuse" right Joel. Unless you're willing to back up your words....with scientific evidence ( i assure you, we will understand you), you're just a fool with a big mouth, and very low self esteem....what esle would you have the need to put us down...answer that to( note you won't finf this answer in a physic book, or any book for that matter...maybe Dr phil can help you...give it a shot) oh boy, they need more people like you up there....swing by dr phil first, then they'll probably let you in.

Posted in MAN ON THE MOON? on 2003-01-04 17:28:36

========== In Reply To ========== My friend you are seriosly paranoid. There are more interesting, unknow conspierices to talk about then this.

like what dear friend. a conspiracy is a conspiracy, no matter how small or how big it is. the point is that it has to do with the truth. if you can lie about the little things you can lie about the big ones....it is still a lie no matter what. therefore prioritising is unecessary and totally away from the point. now you associate "paranoid" with the moon conflict or the conspiracy notion in general. either way...if you believe and you seem like you do, in conspiracies, you're one of us, welcome to the dark side...enjoy.