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Posted in teen girls wearing diapers for special occasions on 2022-08-12 13:05:49

Glennman-If you see this,why did you stop chatting here? I liked chatting with you! Have you made any progress in getting your girlfriend to wear diapers and are your sisters still wearing their diapers?

Posted in teen girls wearing diapers for special occasions on 2022-08-12 12:58:48

I totally disagree,your sister should be the one in diapers,not you!Even tho she may be more mature and not have a wetting problem,she should still be made to wear diapers and plastic pants!Diapers are more appropriate for girls as they help keep them little girlish and prevent them from wanting to have sex with boys!I know of several teen girls who wear diapers and plastic pants and they like the feeling they get of being like a little girl and being pure and innocent.

Posted in Teenage Bedwetters... on 2022-08-11 03:50:24

My cousin jenni is 15 and still bedwetting from puberty! She has been wearing cloth pin on diapers and plastic pants now for the last three years,Her cloth diapers are regular baby diapers in the 26x27 inch size and pinned on her with diaper pins.Her plastic pants are adult size and fit her blousy over her diapers.She has her plastic pants in white,pink,yellow ,blue and babyprints[from when she was 12 and 13].She is so used to the diapers and plastic pants now,she has started using a pacifier when her mom puts them on her and after she is in bed! Back on June 5th,she finially made her First Communion with the 2nd graders and wore a cute,poofy,sleeveless,above the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.She wanted to wear her cloth diapers and a pair of her babyprint plastic pants under her dress,so i helped her mom put them on her.She looked and felt very little girlish and her babyprint plastic pants looked very cute under her dress!

Posted in Wetting the bed (kids/teens) on 2022-08-11 03:27:51

Your parents should make you and your friend wear diapers and plastic pants to bed,then you can pee your self all you want!

Posted in Wetting the bed (kids/teens) on 2022-08-11 03:25:28

My niece is 14 and bedwetting from puberty.Every night before bedtime,her mom pins cloth diapers on her then puts adult size rubberpants [plasticpants] on her over the diapers.She has been wearing them now for over two years.She just recieved her sacrement of 8th grade confirmation had had to wear a white,puffy,flowergirl dress and veil for the ceremony.I helped her mom dress her and we put some of her cloth diapers and rubberpants on her to wear under her flowergirl dress.Her rubberpants crinkled under her dress all day and it was so cute!