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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2018-11-06 03:33:32

Boys and their ball sac. --

Mother always has a firm grip on my brother's balls to keep him from squirming away, when he gets a bare bottom spanking,

First she makes him take his pants down and then his underwear too. How embarrassing that he has to stand there with it all on display. Then she makes him go fetch the paddle, which is difficult with his pants down around his ankles. But he shuffles along as best as he can and brings back the paddle. It's such a laugh to watch. He bows down and presents the paddle to Mother. Then she has him stand up to take off his pants. His $%!@ is often hard and sticking up by then. It's so funny that he gets hard when he knows a humiliating and painful spanking is next.

Mother puts him over her knee, ties his hands behind his back with a stocking and entwines one leg so he's spread a little. Then she reaches under him and grabs his ball sac. He often grunts out, "OH", as she grips his balls. With his balls firmly held he won't he able to get away, no matter how much he squirms.

Then she takes the paddle to his bare bottom. He squirms and wiggles. His one free leg thrashes about, but his balls keep him pinned in place, leaving his bare bottom unprotected. His bottom turns pink. Soon he is crying and begging. He promises to be a good boy.

"What do I want?", Mother asks. Between the crying and gasping he blurts out, "Submission, Obedience, Compliance." Then she asks if he is going to be a submissive boy, and he is quick to blurt out, "Oh yes ma'am. yes ma'am". Then she asks him about Obedience, and Compliance. He promises to be obedient and compliant as he pleads for mercy.

His bottom now red, he begs frantically. Mother gives him some additional swats, usually about ten. She releases his balls and allows him to stand up. His $%!@ is rock hard and bright red. The veins are swollen and it looks like the thing is going to burst as he stands there sobbing. His ball sac is firm and well formed, most likely shaped by Mother's grip.

Then she makes him thank her for disciplining him. He drops to his knees and thanks Mother for punishing him and he promises to be good. To give his bare bottom a chance to cool off, he is put in the corner with his face down and his bottom held high. His balls peek out from between his legs. His ball sac usually stays firm. I love the view in that position. I sit and watch his red bottom slowly turn pink again.

Sometimes I ……… well I have said enough unless you want to hear what else happens.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2018-10-19 05:42:03

That is a nice poll that you posted.

It was difficult to find it by using the SEARCH feature because entering the above address does not provide the poll. So I found it by searching for the Title. Unfortunately voting was not working.

So at PollJunkie the polls disappear down the page as new polls are added and here at misterpoll the voting doesn't work and you can not make new polls.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2018-10-17 10:31:38

"Punishment for rape", poll.
Under "Open Polls" at polljunkie.com

So what do you think?