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Posted in SOCCER on 2005-05-03 15:21:49

This moment American League is at a very low class. Somewhere 70th in the world. But after your NTs sucess in the 2002 world cup I see people there are interested in football and I believe MLS will advance in the future and maybe can be compared with European Leagues.

Posted in Mixed wrestling scissors (guys only) on 2005-05-03 15:11:02

MuscleGirlBrat where do you live? I am 16 male and hope could arrange a match with you but I am afraid you are at the other side of the Atlantic that I am.

Posted in Is Bush The Right Leader For This War? on 2005-02-05 16:23:22

Saddam said he wants to restore Persia to its ancient glory? I don't understand this. Persia is Iran. Iraqis are Arabs and have not relation with Persia.

Posted in Why don't Americans like (real) football. on 2005-02-05 16:17:08

You want me to believe that you are an Australian now right?

Posted in Why don't Americans like (real) football. on 2005-02-05 16:14:36

Youe hole post was funny. Similar games with (Real) Football were played till B.C. times. When the football we play now founded at England in 19th century this funny thing that looks like a sport and is called rugby didn't exist.

Can you explain me what do you mean ''behave like little girls when they tackled'? Just because they don't hit the person tackled them? Or maybe the only football games you saw are of Australian leauge or MLS? The way these people play real football is looks like sissy.