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Posted in School swimwear on 2020-01-20 20:03:52

Samundra, well I wanted to swim within a group. There was just a group of girls with their coach. So I asked if I could join. A few giggled and asked if I would swim nude. And their coach asked if Inwould do it. I never had problems with nudity. So I took off my trunks. It was a private group and not a community pool. I was 14 at that time, the girls ages range from 9 to 15. They all liked it to see that I swam nude with them. They all could take a good look especially when I got an erection. I must admit I enjoyed that attention from all of the girls and even the smiling looks of the female coach.

Posted in School swimwear on 2020-01-19 02:07:19

Samundra, yes it were private lessons. The female coach trained some girls. I was only allowed to attend fully nude. So I pulled off my trunks for them.

Posted in Males being totally naked for physicals. on 2019-12-17 08:07:30

Male35, I think you are right that they enjoy it to have me nude during exam and to demonstrate their power over me when I have to stand fully naked with an erection in front of three women and when they even let girls in who can see me this way. They see the girls enjoy that too and how humble it makes me.

Posted in Males being totally naked for physicals. on 2019-12-08 05:20:30

Jongen, as a teacher always has to be present during the exams all of them saw me nude and all saw me having erections too.

Posted in Males being totally naked for physicals. on 2019-12-08 05:16:52

Male35, of course it was easier to the doctor and nuse to have us nude for the whole exam or even waiting nude for it. It was more efficient and saved more time for the girl's exams. It was right to put that effiency over our modesty. And there was nothing new to see for the doctor and her nurse even id we got erections. They said it is a healthy reaction.