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Posted in Do you go barefoot at a friend's house? on 2018-07-16 13:06:56

at my girlfriends house I have to take my shoes and socks off at the door. They have a really strict barefoot only rule all year round

Posted in Barefoot at a friends house? on 2018-07-16 13:02:09

when i was a child I always had to be barefoot at home at the door shoes and socks came straight off now i live with my husband and our 1 child and we all still live by that same rule bare feet only at home . still whenever I visit my parents my shoes and socks have to come off at the door.

Posted in Barefoot at home rules on 2018-07-16 12:29:36

i used to always wear socks, but that all changed when I moved in with my Mums sister for a 2 years she lives in Fiji. When i got off the plain she looked down at my feet and said why are you wearing those take them off now and give them to me so I bent over and undid my shoes and took them off and gave them to her and then I peeled off my socks and gave them to her. On the way back to her house we stopped at a store and she walked in and when she walked out she had a pair of flip flops in her hand and she told me to put them on and then when we got back to her house she took all of my shoes and socks out of my bag and throw them out. Then she told me to undress because i would not need clothes at home and when we went out i could wear a crock top, mini skirt and flip flops and that's it. She then throw out all of my bras and panties. For my school our uniform was bear feet skirt and thin white top. In her car I always had to be naked.