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Posted in America Sucks? on 2003-02-24 16:22:08

i have answers and i'm liberal. let's make mexico our next 6 states. all children in school should be given 3 good meals everyday for free. criminals should go to jail especially when they are rich. even if they are the president or their children. the 4 branches of the military should made into one department and get rid of the excess dead weight at the top. all citizens should have to vote. there should be no minimum number of votes to get your name on the ballot. everyone, not just the rich, should have a chance to be president. american companies should not be allowed to move to a foreign country and still have same rights. they should be treated like a foreign company. marijuana and prostitution should be legalized so they could be taxed and controlled. condoms should be free for everyone from 12 to 30. religion should be kept out of the government and vice versa. everyone, especiall y the rich, should do 2 years of government service. and bush should physically lead the troops into any war he declares. i have many more ideas but no one will listen or implement them becaus i'm a poor boy with no "good ole boy" connections. that's why i actually fought in a war instead of hiding in the guard like bush.

Posted in Evil Mastermind (JK) on 2003-02-19 14:44:05

========== In Reply To ========== This was a very good poll, silly but good. It made me think and laugh. I guess the only thing left to do is drop my panties and shake my private parts in your face.

now, that would be a good movie.

Posted in Flirting and Comitted Relationships on 2003-02-19 14:37:57

where? amy, you do know you are a pervert too. anger is also not good for your health.

Posted in War over Iraq.. Why? on 2003-02-19 14:33:43

it's about the oil because the corporations think about the future. our oil reserves are getting lower. pollution is getting worse. they want oil that is easily accessible to increase their profit margin. plus the war is also about getting bush reelected. you did know bush sold his enron stock just in time too. no one talks about enron anymore. and if you want despicable dictators, how about the saudis who are bush supporters. and if you need threats, why is it okay for north korea to pose a threat? maybe you live on the east coast.

Posted in War on Iraq on 2003-02-17 12:46:54

bush is using the same tactics hitler used to undermine the constitution and push his own agenda. we were told the same crap about vietnam. now they are a source of cheap labor. all wars are about money. if it were anout villainous dictators we'd have to attack bush's buddies the saudis first. they are much worse.