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Jag3D- Your daughter loves to have different experiences. How close are the two girls with her? Only friends or more? Are the two girls smoking too? I am sure, the girls are really enjoying life.

Jag3D- totally normal for her age, to be a child in one moment, and to be an adult in the next one. As an open minded, outgoing girl who is looking for pleasure, she'll try many things in life. Smoking gives her some pleasure, she's looking for. Did she also start drinking? How about making friends and more with boys/girls?

Jag3D- What brand is your dau smoking? Will you buy the cigarettes for her? What type of girl is your dau? I am sure, she became more mature after she starts smoking.

Smokermom- Your oldest got very big natural boobs for her age. Same big boobs girl like her mom. What an eye-candy to see your short, skinny girls with big boobs, especially when they're $%!@ty dressed showing off their assets. What size would you suggest for your oldest? Your daus really love to suck their cigarettes. They're so addicted. I am sure, they love to suck big poles too. If they're with guys, the guys must love smoking too. Do you want to get pregnant again? Three daus is more fun and you can teach your dau smoking again at early age together with your daus. Did you smoke during your pregnancies?

Jag3D- What kind of pleasure you get from your dau's smoking? How much does she smoke? She got into smoking by friends? Are you smoking too?

Posted in Daughter's boyfriends & mother & stepmother on 2022-08-23 09:51:41

Forbidden fruits are delicious. What experience you have with forbidden fruits?