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sounds cool, i got an idea for when Laila starts school, she tries hiding with a boy classmate in the bathroom and suck his $%!@, and if that's not doable she gets the boy over to your house and sucks his $%!@ there, like the suggestion ?

meanwhile the girl at our abandoned house recently got $%!@ed in the $%!@ by one of the 4 year old twins and she was just laughing and telling him "that's awesome! keep going! keep going!", eventually the twin $%!@ed in her butt and that made her laugh so hard!

i'd say any boy Laila wants to give a BJ, as long as the boy is okay with it, let her have her fun!

i really hope Laila gets at least into BJs cause i really think she'd love it like the little girl at our abandoned house does, you just could get one of her friends or classmates over and get her to suck his $%!@, i'm pretty sure the boy, you and Laila won't regret it!

the sex play of the abandoned house kids got a little wilder recently, yesterday they had pretty much a kid orgy, basically what happened is Axel was lying on the floor $%!@ing and the girl asked if he wanted to feel better, he nodded and so she got on all fours, swallowed his whole $%!@ and started sucking it as Axel was moaning in bliss and loving it, and then as she did that, the 6 year old came behind and buried his hard $%!@ in her $%!@, he asked the girl if it hurt, and she stopped sucking Axel's $%!@ and told him it felt good, Axel begged her to keep sucking so she did and the 6 year old started $%!@ing her in the $%!@, saying "it feels so good inside your butt!", and as all that happened, the 4 year old twins came behind him and started licking his butt, each licking a buttcheek, while $%!@ing to orgasm, this orgy lasted for 15 mins, and around halfway throught, the 6 year old $%!@ed in the girl's butt and Axel $%!@ed in her mouth, but she kept getting $%!@ed and sucking Axel's $%!@!

nope, the kids don't smoke, and honeslty i wouldn't want them to smoke, you people will probably get $%!@ed off at me for this, but i just want to not $%!@ their health up, especially as really young kids cause i assume the effects will be even greater

you totally should get Laila to try sucking the $%!@ of one of her friends around her age, maybe you could tell her to hide with the boy in the bathroom at school, or maybe even get the boy over to your house and she could suck his $%!@ in her bedroom, with how much our little girl loves it, i'd bet Laila would have a ton of fun doing it, and if the little boy wants to do "sexy stuff" to her, she could get him to lick her $%!@!

this probably doesn't fit that well in this thread, but you see in our neighborhood there is a abandoned house a group of kids use as a "hidden" playground, and the kids have been practicing a lot of "sexual" activity, they're pretty young (2 four year old twin boys, a 5 year old girl, a 6 year old boy, and my 8 year old little brother Axel), but they're very much into it, their fun ranges from licking each other's butts, to licking the girl's $%!@, to $%!@ing each other, but the girl in one step further into this, she LOVES to give the little boys blowjobs, and will many times suck their $%!@, which the boys really love and sometimes they will ask her to suck them, which she will gladly do, and guess which boy loves it the most ? my little bro Axel, he loves it so much, and a couple times i saw the girl sucking his weiner, he was looking so adorable with that pure expression of absolute joy on his little faces and all the happy moans he was letting out! usually how this "sex" play happens is one of the kids will ask the others "wanna have some naughty time ?" and if the kids agree, they all strip naked and get playing, and that's the thing, what we see as sex, for them it's just fun and games, to them, licking each other's butts or $%!@ing each other is a game the same way tag or hide and seek is