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demn Laila is really cool, reminds me of a little girl we have in our neighborhood, her name's Aria, and she's like 5 and apparently learned blowjobs from secretly watching her big bro and his gf, and she clearly haven't recieveed "the talk" about doing sex stuff in private, so she just goes around and gives other little boys blowjobs like it's the most innocent thing in the world, and they all love it, they even walk up to her and ask her "can you suck my $%!@ please ?", and of course she accepts no problem! it's kinda cute to see that honestly, recently my little brother got a couple blowjobs from her and now is trying to give BJs to his friends in the school bathroom lol

NICE!!! hope the 4th grader had fun lol, maybe if she has her girl friends over and K doesn't have a bf over they could try fingering each other or something ? there's a little girl in our neighborhood that loves fingering and has no shame doing it around other kids

interesting variation on the kindergarten children's shows you got there lol, is any of Laila's friends a boy ? if so it could be interesting if Laila would try to give him a blowjob, i'm sure he'd love it and Laila would enjoy it too!

did grand ever got to $%!@ a boy roughly around her age like say 11-12 ? if she did that probably made for a good first sexual experience for the boy

recently my 11 year old brother discovered the wonders of blowjobs from a 12 year old boy he's friends with, they've sucked each other's $%!@ for a while, which my bro and his friend both found awesome, and now they're looking to see if they can find a girl in their class to give them blowjobs and have other sexual exploration with

that's really cool, hope Laila enjoyed it, the next step would be for her to suck his $%!@ lol, the abandoned house kids recently came up with a rather strange game, basically the 4 boys sit in a circle with their $%!@ out, and the girl sits on all fours naked in the center, her butt facing one of the boys, then she throws a dice, and she has to point her butt torwards the next kid the amount of times indicated by the dice (so if she got a 2 she'd point her butt torwards the kid on the opposite side, and if she got a 4 she'd do a full 360° and go back to the kid she was facing before), then the kid in front of her butt gets to $%!@ her in the $%!@ for a couple minutes while the others $%!@e, only exception is if the girl gets a 6, then the kid facing her butt $%!@s her in the $%!@ like normal, and the kid in front of her gets his $%!@ sucked by her, again while the other kids just $%!@e, this game kinda goes on till they get bored, so far they haven't figured out what the winning condition would be, but they still really love playing that game, the girl is always laughing as she gets her $%!@ $%!@ed, the boys get really happy to have their $%!@ sucked, and they enjoy watching the girl get $%!@ed and sucking $%!@ while jerking themselves off, and all the while the sounds of happy giggles and blissful moans fill the air