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Posted in Are girls superior to boys? on 2018-02-15 04:56:33

Hi. My older sister is making me write this. But this is truly how I feel. I am not lying.

How men ever ran society is an unanswerable question. Females are the prrsent and future of humanity. The only place for men is kissing a Woman's feet. Women are stronger than men, but that is the least of female superiority. Females are smarter, more intelligent, calmer, better leaders, better problem solvers, better looking, and can control any male. I deserve so much less from Females. I want nothing but to either devote my life to them or become one of them. I will do anything a girl asks me to do without hesitation.

One day it is my hope that I can serve one of these superior beings known as Females. There are scientific facts that Women were born to keep men at their feet.

Reason 1:Balls. Forget the nonsense of balls containing semen. Testicles were made to be used for punishment. Whether kicking or hitting or squeezing. I have already been castrated and I made sure a Woman did it.

Reason 2: The P e n i s. It should have never happened. It serves no purpose except to be played with by Females. Penectomy is the best course of action or if that's too much work, cover it in IcyHot.

Reason 3: B o o b s. B o o b s are magical. They can seduce a man to do anything. And if they refuse, a Woman can use them to suffocate a male into submission.

Reason 4: Erectile dysfuction. Most Females can reproduce with genital abnormalities. males cannot.

Reason 5: Feet. Women's feet are always nicer than males. With nail polish, they are perfect for kissing, licking, and kneeling at.

Reason 7: Butts. This works in a similar fashion to B o o b s, except using it as a smothering tool is more comfortable for Women. That is something I take very seriously.

Take this seriously Get at a Woman's feet as soon as you can

Reason 5:

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2018-02-13 04:47:53

I am a high school student. My high school gets out at tbhe same time as the elementary school I live by. One day while I'm walking home a group of seven 8-year-olds passed me and started giggling. I thought nothing of it until 30 seconds later thet all jump on my back and drag me to a secluded tree house. There they told me to strip naked. I said no. This is where I hit a moral dilemma. They all started crying.

I felt terrible like any good person. So to get them to stop, I went down to my underwear, which embarassingly, was a pair of my sister's pink nylon panties. They almost die laughing. Eventually they make me take them off and that's where the "fun" started.

First:I was told to spread my legs and bend over. They then start shoving fingers up my a s s. They start with one but end on three.

Second: They started spanking me. They conted 500+ hits.

Third: At this point they make me stand again. Then they start kicking my bare balls and laughing at my tears.

Fourth: Then they discover my inch long p e n i s. They twist and bite it. I am impotent so it stays small.

Fifth: Still naked, I am led down the road to the high school cheer practice. I give them horsey rides in front of the sexy cheerleaders who have all had sex with the biggest guy at school and think my small member is hilarious.

I am new to this area and guaranteed no friends because the cheer squad took photos and posted them all over Instagram.

Sixth: Their queen arrives. One of the older sisters. She inspects me and laughs. Before long all I see are her two GORGEOUS butt cheeks.

Seventh: She sends me home. Still naked.

Eighth: The only way to get my clothes back is to join the cheer squad. Which I do.

That's my story. Boys and Girls: Please message what you thought of my choices. Girls only: Tell me what you would have done differently. Thank you and may the Female Race Reign Supreme.