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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-05-24 17:11:35

Dear lunnamommy11

All the mommies have gone. Gone with the wind. Over the see and far away...

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-05-17 08:19:50

There are some strange letters in my texts above, which I didn't write. But I think the texts are readable after all.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-05-17 08:13:20

So that you might better understand how it was to grow up in a feminist community in Denmark in the 1970s, I will tell more of the background and the functioning of our community for those of you who are interested:

The first four or five years after our mothers had established our small community, the villagers of the nearby village forbade their children to visit us, because our feminist and leftist mothers were considered to be "crazy people". But as I have told on Mister Poll, gradually the people in the village found out that we were hard working and well behaved girls and boys, and then they allowed their children to visit us, and be friends with us. Among the village boys is was common to have some kind of leisure job, especially during the long summer holidays, in order to earn some money. Many of them had such a job, and therefore they did not help us with our work, and we didn't expect them to either.

We on our part helped the boys from our neighboring village if they had quarrels and fights with boys from other villages, and we really liked to do it. Although we normally were well behaved, when I look back I think that we boys could be quite violent, if we were provoked, or if our friends were provoked. or even worse: If someone tried to provoke, or did not respect, our girls.

I think that the explanation for this violent tendency among us - although it only showed up if we or someone we cared for were provoked or attacked - should be sought in our female led upbringing, strange as it might seem. Therefore I have to tell a bit more about this.

As I have told, the women who had founded our community owned everything in common. They were strong believers in collectivism and women solidarity, and that meant, that if one of the mothers had financial troubles, the other women always would lent her money. Or they simply gave her money, or helped her in other ways. As leftist feminist, who gradually came to believe in Goddess inspired spirituality, our mothers considered motherhood to be something almost holy, and they didn't approve of abortion. (This was a very uncommon attitude on the left wing back in the 1970s).

Although most of our mothers were well educated, and many were academics, their high evaluation of motherhood meant, that they did not want to have a full-time job as long as their children were in their preteen years. If they had a lover, or even better a permanent male partner, he of cause would have a paid job outside our community, but we all lived a very frugal life, trying to be as self sufficient as we could.  (Our moms and sisters for instance made much of our clothes, especially the girls clothes, in what was called hoensestrik. Later on they even sold their beautiful hoensestrik clothes to the people in the surrounding villages, in order to earn some money).

But when the eldest daughter of a household came of age - that meant when she was a young teenage girl of 13 or 14 years - her mother would try to find a full-time job (which often was quite easy back then), leaving her teenage daughter to be her substitute when she herself and her male partner were at work, with the right and duty to delegate the day's work to her sisters and brothers, and with full powers to even punish her brothers if need be. This our moms did, because they rightly thought, that girls are more mature than are boys, and therefore they were vastly superior to us, as we were always told. And because the girls spent their working time at home together with our moms, they exactly knew how our moms used to delegate the different tasks to the sisters and brothers in a fair way. And as the girls were the heiresses, assuming responsibility when acting as their mothers substitutes was a kind of training them for their future life. So our mothers thought.  In order to tell how this worked in practice, I will use my own little family as an example:

When my dear little sister Ida turned 13, and thus became a young teenage girl - I was 16 years old at the time - we had a great birthday party for her in our house where a lot of girls and boys from our community and from the nearby village were present. Ida was born on the 2. of June, so it was a nice and warm summer day. We played white settlers and Indians, and I remember that we boys - the Indians - won the war game on that day. But after the children had left us in the early evening hours, our mom summoned Ida and me in the living room, and told us, that she had got a full-time job at the University in Copenhagen, and that she should start working there after the summer holidays. From time to time our mother had had past-time jobs, but most of the time she had stayed at home with us children. But now, mom said, Ida was old enough to assume responsibility and take over the leading role in our house due to her new status as a teenage girl and act as mom's substitute when she was away from home. From now on I would have to obey Ida as I had obeyed herself, mom said, and Ida was authorized to punish me in the same way as mom used to do, if necessary. I didn't like to hear that. I blushed, and in my feeling of embarrassment I could even fell that an erection was starting to form in my briefs. But then I noticed how proud and happy Ida looked, and that made me feel happy for her. I actually hogged her and congratulated her, and this sign of accept from my part was the right thing to do, because my sense of embarrassment almost disappeared. As you might have guessed, Ida never misused her power. She worked every bit as hard as me, and she very rarely punished me with a slap to my face. When she did, her face slapping really stung, but she only did it on rare occasions, where I certainly deserved it. (As a teenage boy, I sometimes could be quite lazy, I must confess). That my sister Ida was in charge when mother was away from home also meant, that Ida had the full responsibility for everything that happened. If mom came home, and something was not done to her satisfaction, it was always Ida, never me, who was reprimanded by our mother. Even if I also somehow was to blame, it was always Ida whom mom hold responsible, because she had the been delegated the female authority. It often made life easier for me than for Ida, I think. But of cause it also strengthened in me the feeling of inferiority towards Ida and all other girls.

I am pretty sure, that the female led conditions of our daily life was the reason, why we boys could be really violent if we were in a fight, especially if some of our girls were present. Because here we had a chance to show our courage and strength to the girls, and earn their admiration. Here we, not the girls, were superior. In our late teenage years, when we were between 16 and 19 years old, we sometimes took the train to Copenhagen to visit Christiania or go to the disco to have some fun. We always had some of our girls of our own age with us, and our moms always told us to look after the girls (passe godt paa pigerne), because we were expected to protect them if necessary. This made us very proud, and if some guys in Copenhagen didn't respect our girls, our tried to annoy them, we certainly reacted, and often quite violently. Often the young guys in the Capital mistook us for hippies because of our long hair. But if they annoyed or provoked us, they soon found out, that we were not the soft hippie guys that they thought us to be. That the roles between the girls and us boys somehow were reversed on our trips to Copenhagen, strengthened our self confidence. And we of cause enjoyed the admiration our girls openly showed us in those kinds of situations.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-05-17 07:53:40


You write, that a man on Mister Poll once said, that your mother keeps you naked at home because she wants to demonstrate her superiority.

Perhaps he is right, but in the female led community that I grow up in, I don't think that the women required us boys to wear only briefs and their male partners to only wear shorts in the summer period - approximately from the middle of may to the end of august - in order to humiliate us. Because we of cause wore normal clothes for the season, also in the summer time, when we went to school, or when we took the train for a trip to Copenhagen, which we often did when we were 16-17-18 years old. Our mothers explained their clothing restriction rules for their boys and men with the fact, that we had some rather hard physical work to do in the hot time of the year, and if you sweat a lot it is better to be naked. Many of the mothers, including my own mom, also didn't allow us to wear clothing other than our briefs on cold or rainy summer days, of which there often are many during a danish summer, but this, they said, was in order to make us hardy, tough and insensitive to cold weather which would be good for our health in the long run. Of cause every boy and male had to sleep completely naked, whereas the women and girls always wore a night gown. I for instance slept together with my dear little sister Ida in a big double bed, and mom slept in a single bed beside us. So I of cause was naked in bed, whereas my three years younger sister always wore a night gown. But as I said in another post, I think that it is a quite common practice that boys and men sleep naked. 

But perhaps our mothers also had other reasons for their different clothing restrictions for girls and boys than those they told us about when we were children: Our feminist mothers were socialist opponents of the capitalist society, they tried to be as self sufficient as possible, and therefore we all were living a very frugal life. We didn't have much money, and perhaps our mothers also reasoned, that by making their men and boys be almost naked during the summer period and in bed, they simply saved some much needed money because they didn't have to buy summer clothes for us? Perhaps the double clothing standards for girls and boys also were a reflection of the feminist womens conviction that girls were superior to boys, and our nudity during the summer time were perhaps meant to demonstrate this. Because each year we really felt embarrassed in the beginning of our "naked time" when we, only in our briefs, were together with the girls in their beautiful hoensestrik dresses. They also teased us a bit about it, but we quickly get used to it, and our feeling of embarrassment gradually disappeared. Moreover our feminist mothers told us, that the superiority of the girls was on the mental and intellectual level due to the fact, that teenage girls are much more mature than are even older teenage boys, and as we were instructed to obey our teenage sisters, because they were superior, they were always told by our mothers, never to misuse their mental superiority towards their brothers and the other boys.

This caring and loving aspect of women and girls, which fortunately was always present in our small community, even if it was female led in the truest sense of the word, I miss in many of the stories told in this forum, where mothers, sisters and aunts more often than not are described as being very cruel to their sons, brothers and nephews. It might very well be exaggerations, but even this is not good, because women and girls don't deserve to be described as monsters.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-04-28 13:44:20

I want to tell a bit more about Hanne, who was a girl of my own age, and her quite extraordinary family, which was one of the founding families of our community. Or perhaps I should better say, that Hanne's and her brothers mother, whose name was Clara, was among the original founders of the community, because as I have told in previous post all property was owned by the women in common.

Hanne had two brothers: Martin, who was one year older than Hanne and me, and Peter, who was about two years younger than Hanne.

Hannes mother Clara was one of the few feminist women of our community, who lived with the same male partner throughout the years. His name was Morten, and although they were not married (our feminist mothers considered marriage to be a patriarchal institution), I believe that Morten was the father of all of the children. But I am not sure.

What made Hanne's family special, even in our female led community, was the parents very unjust treatment of their children.

Hanne, who was a tall and strong girl. She clearly was what in English is called a tomboy, and she always bullied her brothers around: She made them do most of her tasks in the house and in the garden, which meant, that in addition to their own work duties and their schoolwork Martin and Peter rarely had some spare time. And if they didn't do what she ordered them to do, she slapped them in the face, or even kicked them in their testicles.

Naturally the parents knew all this - we all did - but they did not interfere. Which of cause was contrary to our common ideal, that although girls were considered superior to boys, they should not misuse their superiority in any way, and they of course were expected to work as we boys were, and not let their brothers do their work for them.

This was bad enough, but not the worst thing for the boys in that family:

What Hanne's brothers resented the most, was the sad fact, that every time at Christmas or at birthdays Hanne was given expensive gifts by the parents, whereas her brothers only got some plates of chocolate, some cakes and things like that. This unfair treatment of her brothers I already then found outrageous, and so did my mom. Although my sister Ida was superior to me, our mom loved me every bit as much as she loved Ida. Ida never let me do her work, and at Christmas and at our birthdays we both became gifts of equal value. And so it was in all the other households of our community, as far as I know. I really could not understand, why Morten, the children's father, did not protest. But he never did. Perhaps he didn't dare, but I am more inclined to believe that he thought that it was right to let Hanna be the princess of the house, with no restrictions or duties what so ever.

As Hanne was the princess in her own home, she was the queen among the girls. She almost always was surrounded by an entourage of younger girls, who admired her.

She often sought to put up a fight with us boys. But only with boys of her own age or older. This she did to impress her admires among the girls, I think.

She often picked on me to provoke me into a fight, which was very annoying because of her bad habit of kicking boys in the testicles. But we boys, who risked to be attacked by Hanne, was prepared for this, so she seldom managed to hit her target. Although we boys normally were strictly forbidden to hit a girl, of cause we defended ourself if attacked by a girl like Hanne, and none of our moms objected to that. Although Hanne was very strong for a girl of her age when she was 14-15 years old, I always managed to beat her or to chase her away. I remember one winter day, where Hanne and her girlfriends attacked my friend Knud and me with snowballs. Knud said, that we better should go away, because he was afraid of Hanne, but I took up the struggle, and finally it was Hanne who left. But this only provoked Hanne to act ever more challenging towards me, and on a hot summer day my luck was out.

I think I have to tell what happened, even if it was humiliating for me, because I think it tells something about Hanne's character. It as always was she who started the fight by provoking me and trying to make me ridiculous before her female friends, but as I was about to get a hold on her and bring her down, she managed to grip me by my long hair and pull my head backwards, and she swiftly used my moment of distraction to grip me by my testicles and squeeze them with full force. I of cause moaned and bent over, and immediately she pushed me to the ground, and the next moment she was straddling my chest, pinning my arms down. While her girlfriends shouted with joy, she began tickling me around my belly bottom, which made me laugh, despite the pain in my testicles. It was one of the worst days in my life, as I lay naked and defeated beneath Hanne, yet laughing because she made me to. And I was sure, that she would now pull my briefs down as her ultimate humiliation of me. (Of cause I had no erection. You don't have an erection with aching testicles). But Hanne did no such thing. Instead she asked me, if I would surrender, and when I said yes, she immediately got of me and rose, and she even shooked my hand and said, that it had been a god fight. This told me, that Hanne's wish was not so much to humiliate me, but rather to show her girlfriends how brave and strong she was. And now, when Hanne at long last had defeated me (although only once), she never tried to provoke me again. Now she seemed to respect me, and I also began reluctantly to respect her. When we played "nybyggere og indianere" (white settlers and indians), Hanne and me and some of the other boys of our age would meet beforehand to determine the rules of the game, where and when it should take place and so on.

But as the years passed by, and Hanne became a young woman, things went very badly for her.

It is a very sad story. Her eldest brother Martin had already moved to Copenhagen to escape his sister's bullying when he was just 17 years old, and there he had got a job as an apprentice, while he lived by some friends of his in the city. Many years later I by chance meet Martin, and he told me, that Hanne later on also had moved to Copenhagen. She didn't have a husband, although she had had many boyfriend. But they all left her after a short while, because they could not put up with a young woman, who because of her upbringing was so self centered as Hanne was. And because she was not used to work, but to have her brothers to work for her, Hanne could not hold on to a job, and so she was unemployed for long periods of time. She ended up as an alcoholic and a drug addict, Martin told.

Her brothers on the other hand did well in later life.

As I said, it is a very sad story, and I really feel bad for Hanne. I do not think that Hanne was a mean girl, her selfishness and her tough character were the results of a bad upbringing without limits for her.

Her fate therefore ought to be a warning to some of those who write on Mister Poll, who say that they raise their daughters in much the same way that Hanne was raised. (Although much of may be lies or exaggerations).

By the way, Hanne was the only girl, who once did pull my briefs down: It was a month or so after she and I had had our last fight, and we were now on pretty good terms, as I have told. On a late afternoon when I was sitting in the backyard of our house and was working on something, Hanne came along and sat down besides me. We talked for a while, but suddenly she pushed me back, and then she pulled my briefs down without asking or saying anything. But Hanne always did what she wanted to do, and took what she wanted to take. She made me have an erection, and she forcefully pulled my foreskin back, which was very unpleasant for me. I didn't protest or try to defend myself out of fear that she would squeeze my testicles, which she hold in one of her hands. She let my testicles roll through her fingers, but she did not squeeze them. After a while she left me without saying a word. So perhaps she just did it out of curiosity. Or perhaps she did it in order to demonstrate her female superiority over me. Or a combination of both. But at least she was considerate enough to do it without any witnesses. But all the same it was an unpleasant experience for me. In the evening I found out, that my mom had seen it from our house. Hanne seems to like you, she said with a smile. But I answered, that Hanne was certainly not my girlfriend.