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Posted in Swimming (Girls only) on 2010-03-17 05:11:23

Once there were two 11-year old girls at the facility. And, they definitely have a crush on a 15-year old boy who was there. They are always around him and seeking his attention.

When I approached them to question their attitudes towards the boy swimming nude in their presence, they giggled and blushed. The girls admitted their fondness for the boy. I told them that their feelings were natural, but that they should give the boy some space sometimes.

The bolder one in fact made comments in a joking tone about "bits bouncing around" and the "boy standing straight".

In the pool, the girls are always rough-housing with the boy; holding onto his body and hanging off of him. He took it in stride and seemed to enjoy playing with girls. But, I could see that the girls were paying a little more attention to his groin - parts of their bodies were "accidentally" brushing against the boys genitalia. It is possible that the poor boy was enduring many erections (and I think the girls found this fascinating).

Posted in Swimming (Girls only) on 2010-03-17 05:10:02

I asked an 11 year old girl about the nudity of her 14 year old brother. I asked her if she was offended, amused or embarrassed by her brother’s nudity especially now that he was older (I had to explain to her that I was referring to his enlarged genitals and pubic hair growth) – her response was “No. Why should it bother me?” She understood that her brother’s body had changed but that her seeing him nude was fine.

I asked her if she was offended, amused or embarrassed by her brother’s nudity in front of other girls – again her response was similar to above I asked her if she was offended, amused or embarrassed by her brother’s erections – She told me she thought that his erections were normal, now that he was older and since it happened so often that there was nothing wrong with it.

Posted in Swimming (Girls only) on 2010-03-17 05:09:26

I once asked a 13 year old girl who had become friends with a 15 year old boy about his nudity at the pool. I asked her what she thought of this older boy being naked in front of her. With typical teenage attitude she responded similar to the following: “Duh, of course he is naked - he is a boy and he is swimming” She had seen him become erect. I asked her what she thought of his erections. She was quite candid, saying that his p e n i s was the biggest she had ever seen and that she liked it erect. She knew that boys can have erections at any time, but with a blush she admitted that sometimes they have erections because of sexual feelings. She was not offended by his nudity or his erections

Posted in Swimming (Girls only) on 2010-03-17 05:09:00

Dave, Sorry I haven’t responded quicker. Since CAdad started flaming, there was no point in checking this thread. If you read through some of the posts you will see what the reactions of most of the girls are. Generally, especially for younger girls, they are indifferent. Seeing a boy nude is normal where I come from. Many girls have helped with bathing their younger brother or seeing boys naked at the beach. Sometimes a girl, usually an older one, may find interest in seeing a more mature boy, one in puberty. The p e n i s and testicles change quite a bit and an erection could be a new phenomenon for a girl. But the interest is usually educational in nature. I often overhear them talking about and comparing the genitalia of the boys. The older boys sometimes have erections and all of the girls in my care have seen the boys in this state. I will post more next…

Posted in unequal nudity. on 2009-12-14 07:08:16


Actually, I do recall one or two older boys (about 12/13 years old) perhaps being a little apprehensive at swimming nude at first. But, I suppose they just overcome this - because they all strip down.

In fact, I have a few old shorts the boys can use if they want - but, none have ever asked.