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Posted in legal sex on 2002-11-20 21:27:08

the minimum age for sex should be marriage, no matter what!!!!!!!

Posted in Kids and Smoking on 2002-11-20 20:13:07

i started when i was 5 years old, am now 33, and i don't for one second regret it!! i smoke about 2 packs a day and inhale, my mom started me smoking. i know what they say the health risks are (and from my and my mothers experience i think they are highly exaggerated) and if smoking puts me at a greater risk for them, then so be it. i truly love to smoke!! the best feeling to me when smoking is drawing it into my lungs and then seeing it come out slowly!!!! i exercise everyday and i feel just fine!!! every year, i have a physical and so far nothing has come up, EVER. one of my favorite activities is smoking with my girlfriend and we will do the french kiss to each other with our smoke, it's so sexy!!! my mom smoked 2 packs a day (and inhaled very deeply) for almost 60 years!! she died of a heart attack about a year ago (didn't suffer or anything like that). when they did the autopsy, her lungs were riddled with tumors. but still, that doesn't bother me because i like to smoke, and as long as that's what pleases me, so be it. if thats what happens to me, fine!!!!!!!!! if a kid wants to smoke, let them!!!!

Posted in Nudity on 2002-11-18 18:40:41

========== In Reply To ========== when i'm nude, i feel so good, it's a crying shame that we can't go around with nothing on!!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Nudity on 2002-11-18 18:39:55

when i'm nude, i feel so good, it's a crying shame that we go around with nothing on!!!!!!!!!!