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Posted in toilet stuff on 2003-02-01 20:33:55

Good answer. Like you I wouldn't do it outside if there was anyone around other than guys I knew. I could never pee with a full erection.

========== In Reply To ========== I think every guy sometimes pees outside and may do so in the presence of other guys. I would never pee in public if you mean with women present- or in any situation where I was not 100% sure I was either alone of just with other guys. I have peed with somewhat of wn erection not a full erection as that would make it difficult to pee- if not impossible to pee-- I have never really put that to the test-- if I am too hard I just don't pee-- like the first couple minutes you wake up in the morning- it can be really hard. I would imagine most all guys wouldbe the same.

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2003-01-31 19:42:16

I just love all the male bashing here. Sorry folks but physically mutilating people as punishment is unconstitutional. If all the feminists support castration than its just as logical for them to support giving female offenders a hysterectomy and cutting off their breasts. Don't you ladies agree?

========== In Reply To ========== What should happen to female rapists?

They do exist.

Posted in high school athlete's massages on 2003-01-29 12:15:36

I play sports in college and also did in high school. In high school we got massages from a male trainer. I don't think there was any set schedule for it. Just when you wanted it. We wore a towel around the middle. Happened in a room off the lockerroom. Other guys would come and go from the room. He massaged the shoulders, back and legs. I never got really hard from. Maybe semi.

Posted in Swimming on 2003-01-29 11:58:11

Male. I've gone swimming in a private pool nude. If my friends were swimming in a private pool nude I would join them. Wouldn't go swimming in a public pool that way. Hiking and pond - if it was way out in the sticks and nobody else would show up than I would swim nude. Hiking and pond with friends - depends on what friends wore when swimming.

Posted in circumcision on 2003-01-28 21:49:31

No. I doubt that I would ever ask anybody that. Most of my friends are into athletics so I see them in the lockerroom and know. If someone asked me that it wouldn't offend me but I know that a lot of guys would be. Yep, I think many guys might consider it a "gay" question.

========== In Reply To ========== Do you now have a friend or acquaintance, Buster, that you would like to know whether or not he is circumcised? I have a younger friend, he's 34, smart, and handsome, and I have wondered about his status, but I would never, never ask. It might offend him and cause a breach in the friendship. Many might even attribute such a question as a "gay pass" or something like that, wouldn't you think?