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Posted in Ever been caught having sex on 2003-02-25 14:32:18

I got caught with bf on my bed by my brother but he just joined in!

Posted in Being naked in front of brother/sister on 2002-11-24 18:51:11

I'm 14 and my brother is 15, he spied on me once when I was comeing out of the shower when he was 13 and I was 11(going on 12) I caught him and i let me see me(because i was just joking). He started to walk away once he was done looking but then I told him that just wanted to see him naked too. He took off his clothes but then I started to walk away to get my clothes on but he grabbed my arm and shoved me to the ground and shoved his $%!@ inside me(he was like 12"!) I screamed as he pumped in and out(our parents weren't home)When he got up his $%!@ was covered in blood so he grabbed me up and slammed his $%!@ into my mouth, he then came and put it all over my breasts. He left and I cried, I told my Dad what happened but he told me to "suck it up, boys are boys and they need certin things" He then made me understand by doing the same thing now they both rape me almost everyday. They told me I would learn to enjoy it.

What do I do?

Posted in The Rape Poll! on 2002-11-24 17:07:39

I was raped when I was 12 yrs old. by my father and my brother (the first 5 times were just with my father but then, my brother wanted to know how to have sex so my father used me) I've been raped 12 times so far. My father plays bondage with me at first and he straps my $%!@ and the insides of my $%!@ then he shoves a broomstick inside me and a 12" dildo inside my $%!@ at the same time then my borother and father take turns holding me down and f**cking me. They make my suck their $%!@s and $%!@ in my mouth.