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Posted in clothing when growing up (boy) on 2020-09-04 04:38:21

Your mom wants your feet dirty?

when you are barefoot even outside some moms like to have the feet a bit dirty.

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-03 12:14:18

So i see that they were jerking you when they allowed you to enjoy the orgasm? So you couldn't do it on your own? Allowing you sometimes rarely to have orgasms when doing and acting like they wanted you to.

My shorts or underwear were either removed by them before or during the tickling, i was told to remove them or i could keep it. It sure mattered to my behaviors, who was around and the arousal.

How did you feel when they stripped you? Were it some kind of announcement before you were punished? On what spots were you tickled with maybe which implements? Or didnt this matter at all cause you being overstimulated anyway so touching you anywhere would caused hysteria? I totally understand that they didnt gag you, i wasnt gagged either. And i know the feeling of getting your balls spanked or hit esp when being edged or when they were full anyways...

How old were you when this stopped? What happened to the sperm when you could $%!@ or even if you cummed when you couldn't hold it back? What about wet dreams?

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-03 11:32:43

Here it was a result of one spanking, when i cummed during it on my moms lap. So it stopped getting me punished on that way (mostly). So they needed other ways, didn't allow me to jerk off without permission, tickling, other punishments and spanking differently. Mostly now by holding the table or sometimes standing position in general.

Stripping wasnt really necessary since i was almost all the time in just shorts or underwear at home or even naked, in summers outside too.

Tickling and endging went hand in hand together. So after or during one stimulation cause tickling there was additional pressure by touching and tickling my $%!@ and balls to finally edge me completely. I had to tell when i was close too, but i know they noticed it anyways..

Mostly i was tied aswell, sometimes i wasnt and just kinda of free to squirm and wriggle around, but sure often hold in position during this. Mostly by my mom, her friends, neighbors, my friends. My parents were divorced. My dad was more around for serious spanking punishment.

When you were allowed to $%!@ with pleasure, was it infront of them or on your own? Milking you like that is sure one painful way to punish in that matter.

How often you were published like that? So once a month? Every 2 weeks? Who stripped you? Could you take off your clothes or were you stripped by them? When you were allowed to $%!@ with pleasure? Were you spanked too? Or other additionally punishments?

Posted in clothing when growing up (boy) on 2020-09-03 04:35:18

Its good that naked means really naked for you and you won't get any footwear. Are you fine with being barefoot outside too? Do you have to clean when getting back inside etc?

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-03 04:20:04

When did this start for you? I didn't get a belt or cage but was often reminded that there were those things to keep me in line.

Did you have to tell them when you were close to shoot or did they notice it anyway? Was it ever infront or with the help of someone else?

How were you punished when lost control and cummed? Tickling and edging went hand in hand here. So sure i cummed during it a few times, sometimes with the intention.

Were there times you were allowed to $%!@?

On what spots you were tickled? How and were you tied? Did you had other limitations or restrictions? did you had other punishments like spanking, corner time, etc.?