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Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-04 20:44:14

no i mean if you were naked after the session or could you get dressed completly?

did they shave you? how did they tickle you? did they use something?

you already said and i agree that your body was cause of the edging and keeping edged for a longer while, very sensitive so tickling was sure more intensive.

do you think your parents would still do it if you would living with them?

Posted in For boys who are naked around their moms on 2020-09-04 12:38:40

I was most of the time in just underwear or shorts at home and outside during warmer days.

Underwear and shorts as usuall and only clothing all the time all year around at home. Often naked too.

Posted in naked: the ultimate poll(guys only) on 2020-09-04 11:45:40

Why its risky to be naked with strangers?

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-04 11:02:13

I can understand that totally. Im still often at my moms place and help her and kinda back to old rules then. At first it was very strange when i moved out and i wasnt used to the freedom at all. I think its similar with you.

Here they didnt use those devices or techniques, they just read my body and reactions and what i told them if im close to orgasm etc.

Were you still tied when they were done? Were you naked or in less clothing afterwards? Did you ever talked about this at school or with a friend?

Were you already able to shoot with 11, 12 or was it dry orgasm or stimulation. So i bet they were surprised wuen you were finally able to shoot and you too. How did you feel when you first shot? Or when all this punishment started?

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-04 04:48:09

Wow they really did it pretty good and know how to deal with you best.

How did they ruined the orgasm? Did they hit you? What happened to the sperm? How long did they keep you tied after it? Were you made to stay naked or in little clothing after it? Were you ever punished twice a day? Did you cry or screamed etc? How did you try to argue with them about all this? what did you say and what was their reaction? do you think they got sexually aroused themselves? did they ever take a picture of video of that? why did it stop with 18? were you moving out? what was the feeling to be finally free to jerk off and enjoy it?