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Posted in Have you been stripped? on 2020-09-05 09:35:57

You wasn't wearing anything else? No shirt, shoes, underwear? Did they gang up on you? Did you ever get your shorts back?

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-05 09:29:15

Oh and for what you got exactly punished on your balls? Or when all those $%!@s were too much for them?

Did you agree to get stripped by them when getting older? Is this today a part of your sexlife?

On what spots you were the most ticklish? Did they ever tickle you without being tied or completely naked?

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-04 22:06:33

what did you do or say during the cursing or your dramatic reactions? what was their reaction to it?

were they just doing it with hand or other implenets maybe too? like vibrating things? or other devices?

sure edging isn't a fast procedure. it takes time, A LOT OF TIME to tease and drive you crazy... it was similar here too.

i think they would like to do it again to you!

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-04 21:41:31

i often was made to stay naked after the tickling session, sometimes for more tickling or teasing. even if i was allowed to get back in shorts, i was still shirtless and barefoot for maybe more afterwards.

did you shave yourself or did they do it?

did you just react with laugher to the tickling? you wear talking about moaning and cursing or was this just during the edging process?

oh really? was there so much change in the years? sure its a diffrence between 18 and 24, but you did "enjoyed" it in a way and liked the controll so would you be totally against it?

Posted in clothing when growing up (boy) on 2020-09-04 21:14:40

ah ok, are you punished when getting dirt inside? to make things easier she should allow you to wear shoes or anything else to avoid this. same for having no troubles walking on the street when its hot.