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Posted in Tickling as Punishment? on 2020-10-16 15:11:22


do the others like to help you tickling the "to be punished one"? do you need to ask the others to help you? i think its not easy for them to tickle punish their brothers and even getting tickled by them?

yeah sometimes or more often i was naked for the punishment. its the point thats humilitation and yeah i was often erecet when naked and when just in shorts (so tent in the shorts). and well i wasnt just tickled on my bare feet, so it was often kinda messy you know. wouldnt say i have sexual troubles now.

Posted in Tickling as Punishment? on 2020-10-15 05:17:17

do they try to talk you out of this or do they agree to the punishment? are the others around when one is punished?

i was mostly in just shorts at home, so for short "punishments" or misbehaviours i had to lift my feet to get tickeld on the sole. for more major things it took longer and sure on more spots on my body (chest, nipples, armpits, sides, legs, groin). to very serious sessions i was even tied to my bed, then almost always naked, but during "normal" tickling i sometimes lost my shorts too.

Posted in Tickling as Punishment? on 2020-10-14 15:28:10

how do you prepare your sons for the tickling? how long do you tickle them?

i was tickle punished as kid and teen too, mostly in just shorts or naked.

Posted in kinds of punishments (for teens only) on 2020-10-14 14:52:15

jason, i was often tickle punished too, similiar like you.

are your sibilings, friends around too when punished like this?

are theypunished the same way like you? did they ever get erect and $%!@ed during this?

when those punishments started for you? and how often is it happening?

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2020-09-06 08:39:08

do you talk with your friends or even your family about those times back then? or do you mention it when in a relationship or when having sex etc?