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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-04-26 08:57:59


again id suggest email as conversation. But it's up to you.

I'm wondering about you and a lot of the others had black or darker hairs. I wasn't often in Denmark, but the most people I saw were pretty much blond or light haired. Sure there were darker hairs too but rarely.

Again I really like the concept of you and the other boys were in nothing but briefs and a lot had the Indian ideas in their minds. Also about the other village boys, did they ever joind you in being almost naked and barefoot?

Even I think that not the girls of other village or your community girls liked you almost naked. I suppose you were all in an extremely good shape because of the work, sun tanned skin, muscles visible, though soles on feet. I think boys from village liked you too.

Also i understand better now how you were tickled and teases by the girls and that there were mostly no molesting or really bad behaviour of the girls. Hanna maybe as exception. Also sure I'd like to hear your experience with her if you want to tell.

I see the point and not allowance of $%!@ion. Was it done anyway by some boys or did they follow the rules? Agree to the point of being more focused and physically in a kind of better shape when not doing it. I wasn't allowed either.

Until what age you stayed there? Still contact with some from there? Your sister? Your mother if still alive? How do you think have it changed you comparing to others even in your thinking and behaving now?

The weird signs you had can come from European keyboard... For some reasons. This whole site had seen better times and it's rarely supervised by admins or other people in charge. At least it seemed that way.

I think they just earn money with all the adds and even spambots here, not caring a lot about what's happening here technical and what people post on here. I think it's even just a matter of years until it's offline... Maybe for good if I read all these weird fetish fake stories here.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-04-24 16:51:18

dear tjeik,

thanks for your detailed replies. if you like we can exchange emails on that matter. honestly i think that most people here are more likely into fake fantasy stories like the one post after your 2 longer replies (kids watching parents having sex as punishment... yes... sure).

i'm not english native speaker like you and since your texts are long and sometimes parted and with sentence brackets, it makes sometimes difficult for me to follow your thoughts. (thats not a complain about your details, more like a thing i wanted to point out or mentioned in case i ask the same question again when you already have answered them earlier) so sorry for that.

thanks for more details about your "family" and the structure you grow up in. i assumed you thought its perfectly normal like this. also i didnt thought that you had great contact with other "normal" growing up villagers and their kids and be friends with. that seems to be interesting. sure the girls liked to see you and the others almost naked all the time in summers, so i suppose the other boys from the village werent in just briefs or mostly in just shorts? or did they ever joined you in that? or even helped you working on the fields etc?

the sex part and how the women practice it is really interesting and that you made your own experiances with that.

i think even with all this women and their ideas, it was a healthy relationship to the boys and men even in their status, it was no abusing even your younger sister realized that and showing that the growing up like this worked in your society. thanks for explaining it in a lot details and your body reaction to all of it (erection, being humiliated)

also the punishment of boys and girls.

and i really liked your last statments and third shorter post.

i hope youll answer the rest of my questions if possible and if its not too private. i'll add a few more: how do you think about this now? do you life in a similar woman leading relationship?

your questions: i grew up with my mother, devorced from my dad when i was younger. so well you can say it was a mother leading family since i stayed with her and never really saw my dad (well just when my mom called him over to punish me with spankings what she thought she was unable to do that good). so there wasn't any brothers or sisters in my family so i cant tell you if they would have treated diffrently. like i said: i was spanked by dad and my mom had other punishments. like you i've spent in less clothing during summers.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-04-23 15:48:42

dear tjeik,

thanks for your really interesting and detailed reply.

honestly i've never heared of that movement (i'm not from denmark but europe) so its interesting to read about it and to see your perspective.

so you were totally grown up there, born and raised in this community - it's not like your mother just decided to go there when you were like 10 or something.

do you think the men enjoyed that? a women leadership, slightly older women who took the controll and even make love with them? telling them to be in shorts, the boys in tiny briefs als only clothing?

as kids i suppose you didn't know it better and just lifed your life and considered it as normal or wasnt that the fact?

were the men and boys made to take off their shorts or briefs at home to stay totally naked when at home, so when there is no work to do outside in the heat?

what was the punishment for boys and men? you've mentioned that boy who was serverly punished seeing the girls swimming and that girls were even allowed to punish sons at home when mother were busy or anything like that?

i like the idea of you that you thought you were indians in your skimpy clothing and tanned skin... working outside. were other boys thinking similar?

how did the girls managed to tickle you around the belly button or under your armpits? was that ever seen by other women or men? same when they provoked an erection, did any grown up noticed that? what was the boys reaction to getting tickled or even having an erection? were they even pulled down then to be totally naked infront of the girls with an erection? what about $%!@ion? was that allowed or done in private? infront of anyone?

and yes i totally agree with you. most, if not all posts here are total bull$%!@. fake fantasy stories of guys (?) in their 60s dreaming about getting punished or whatever. even if SOME of their stories seem to be real, at least at one point they get totally unbeliveable. esp when its done everytime, everyday on the weirdest situation and in the most stupiest ways. i do believe that sure some guys are punished and that they even get it on their balls, but FAR away from anything posted here... i just got here from time to time and read a new bull$%!@ situation and laugh my $%!@ off, so i was interested in your story because FINALLY it was something honest and real.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-04-20 17:20:48

Tjeik i believe your story... besides of most stories here are pure nonesenss yours sounds totally believable and true.

what was your dads reaction to live there (so far you know him)? were you allowed to wear shoes? what thought the other boys about all this? you were teased about wearing just briefs, what did they do or say?

Posted in Family cfnm on 2021-04-10 14:46:08

ehm yeah Calaban... thats a damn long text.