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Posted in Girls and boys barefoot at home on 2003-02-28 15:49:15

A couple of years ago my husband bought me me a beautifu white cotton see through gause dress with a full skirt that came down to my mid calf with a peasant top. My sister did my nail polish on my fingers and toes in ivory white. My hair was put into a pony tail, then braided along with my make up professionally done by a woman at the studio. She did a really good job.

My husband wanted me to wear a pair of white cotton bikini panties, be braless and barefoot when the pictures were taken. I had no problem with his request and since I am not that modest, I didn't think it was unusual request either.

The pictures turned out beautifully and even my dad like the pictures so much that he has one of the copies in a small desk style frame on his desk at work. He has always been quite proud of how his little girl turned out.

I was first spied on when I was about 9 or 10 at a Catholic church summer camp.

The boys and girls had seperate showers in a duplex building. All the girls knew there was a hole in the wall that let the boys see us girls naked and vice versa. At first, I covered my private part with my hands for a couple days, but I stopped caring after I got to know the boys better.

That was about the age that I realized that deep down, I am a nudist and a bit of an exhibitionist.

None of the girls reported this to the staff, because the hole had been there in one form or another for many, many years. If they plugged it up, it would come back in the dark of night within a day or two.

Over the years the other girls and I got a charge showing ourselves, especially to the older middle school boys and then later to the high school boys. They just wanted to see what a girl looked like naked. We understood that and we looked at them sometimes too, just not as often as they did.

Now that I am an adult. (I am 24) I mark all this all up to the sexual atmosphere between Priests and nuns not being able to marry and have a sexual outlet and the church always telling us that touching ourselves was a Sin.

Posted in Would you date your cousin? on 2003-02-27 10:22:26

I have never dated a cousin and I never would date a cousin, no matter how far removed from me. I have seen cousins naked and they have seen me naked too. The first time it happened I was 7 or 8 and it was an accident.

He was 14 or 15 and I walked into my bedroom after a shower to get some clothes. My towel was aroung my neck because I was drying my hair, which at that time was quite long. He was using my bed, I slept with my younger sister in another room while he was visiting. When I walked in, I thought he was still sleeping.

He said he was sorry for looking at my nakedness, but I told him it was my fault for walking around naked. Later, he told me, my you know what was cute. That made me blush.

I don't see that cousin much anymore since he now lives and works in Europe, but I remember that morning like it was yesterday. I know he remembers it, since we have talked about it many times over the years.

Posted in WHO WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO SEE IN PLAYBOY on 2003-02-22 12:57:58

None of these interest me. I would be interested in seeing Britney Spears, if only to settle the rumors that she had a breast job a couple of years ago. I wouldn't mind seeing Kate Hudson either, since she is my favorite female actor.

Now for a guy ro take if off, it would have to be Ben Affleck.

But I would settle for Bush to be stripped naked, tarred and feathered and run through the streets of Washington DC in a snowstorm.

Posted in NudeWomen on 2003-02-22 10:18:36

Like where are your questions about hot women? I, like many other women don't see a connection between cities and sports teams and beautiful women.

I had hoped that this would be a poll about female actors, models and muscians, but it seems like you have been smoking that funny stuff again.