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Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2017-08-25 14:30:32

My wife is responsible for secretly administrating female hormones in the guise of my normal medicine routine. I had noticed that there were a couple of different pills she was giving me each morning other than my multi-vitamins. She told me that these were a new supplement that would help me lose weight I had been carrying around my gut for the last 3 years. She also tricked me into getting shots about every 2 weeks and by giving herself one too I never suspected her duplicity. Well needless to say I did seem to lose some weight around my waist the first month so I figured she knew what she was doing and just continued taking the meds until about the third month I began noticing I was feeling tired from my normal workout not to mention my chest felt sore constantly. My weight still was dropping around my waist and by now I was free of my poochy belly but my sore chest was seeming to swell around my nipples after the 4th month. Not only that but I found myself massaging my chest because of the tenderness almost every morning and evening while the swelling seemed to get worse. Now I was becoming really concerned as my nipples were so tender and puffy while their color was definitely a darker color red. I began taking real care to not bump my chest against anything by now as after the 5th month the areolas surrounding my nipples had nearly doubled in diameter as well as taking on a definite conical shape that was really showing through my work shirts now. My wife seemed uninterested in my chest when I asked her to look at it but instead pointed out my jeans were fitting poorly since I lost weight. In fact, I had noticed that the rear and thighs of my slacks had begun to stretch tightly to the point that I split the rear bending over at work today. At home, I realized my boxers were also split in the seat but my wife didn't skip a beat as she handed me a pair of new slacks from her closet. I noticed they were women's size 14 but when I started asking about why women's slacks she pointed her finger at my chest and poked my right nipple with her finger causing me to gasp in pain. She seemed to be smiling from ear to ear as she watched me cover my chest from another poke. Then she opened her drawer pulling out some blue satin panties and a white sports bra tossing them my way. Puzzlement about why she gave me bra and panties didn't help my feelings and realizing that my chest was the focus of her attention causing me to feel even more conscious about the changes. She indicated to put the panties on as well to see their fit and upon doing so was surprised how comfortable they were. I put the slacks on realizing how good they fit around my butt and thighs as well as my waist too which with my old ripped slacks had been a bit baggy lately forcing me to bunch up the excess just to cinch my waist. I suddenly felt very confused about what was going on and felt tears welling up in my eyes. Before I knew it I was bawling uncontrollably with heavy sobs racking my chest. I had never cried out loud like this but my emotions were raw and on edge now. Then my wife began chuckling under her breath at the sight of me and asked me what was wrong. Between sobs, I told her about my chest going through some kind of changes while my butt and thighs now had to bust my slacks at works. She unbuttoned my shirt revealing my chest. I was wiping away my tears as I looked down while she inspected the changes. Then matter of fact like she told me that it looked like I was growing breasts somehow. Somehow my cognitive dissonance had kept me from seeing the obvious but as she traced her nail around each swollen and puffy nipple I shuddered at the sensation as my nipples became hard and pointed outwards even more noticeably. Breasts were indeed developing atop my chest and with that realization, I knew that my butt and thighs too were of the feminine shape. She clucked her tongue at me as I felt my head spinning from shock.
Well, I guess you will need to put that bra on too so you don't rub your nipples raw against your shirt. She helped me fit into the white sports bra tugging here and there until it was in place. Her smile was returning as she decided that I was in need of a new wardrobe. I still was dealing with my budding breasts and why this was happening. The bra did help cushion my tender nipples as well as supporting the developing breasts so that I now had curves where one my chest was flat. My shirt was actually making me more self-conscious of the changes but my wife said that I looked cute. My wife then looked me in the eyes and told me that she was the one responsible for these changes to my body. She told me that I was going to become a real woman but we still had many months of development to go through. This quite literally was not what I expected her to admit to but the fact that she plans on continuing her transformation of me was really unexpected. I wanted to tell her no way but for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to tell her so. In fact, I realized I was secretly longing to see what happens next. The whole ordeal was terribly arousing too and so I tried $%!@ing like a man but again found myself unable to achieve an orgasm. Amanda returned with the hormone concoction in a syringe and she found my rear end quickly complying as if I was unable to control myself. In fact, I found that I never resisted her injections each time she stuck me over the next two months. I was actually anticipating my transformation by her hands.