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Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2017-08-24 12:55:51

Hi R.J. I just think at 14 that I'm too old for spankings. They are for little kids and I'm not a little kid anymore. My dad does them cause he says its part of his job as my father to give out punishments. Omg yes it is embarrassing getting them cause well you know, I'm naked below my waist. I've actually told him that it is embarrassing but he told me feeling shame is kart if the punishment and feeling embarrassed are the same thing and that I should feel shame. Thats why I have to do corner time too after a spanking. I know sneaking out was wrong but we weren't doing anything bad, I just had to go talk to my friends about some things to help my one friend who was upset. I do try at school but yeah I don't always get good grades but I don't think I deserve a spanking for that. I am trying. Yeah sometimes i dont study when I'm supposed to but I do what I can, sometimes I get caught up in simethimg else and run out of time to finish studying. I'm sorry about that but some things are more important. I normally try to do goidbut sometimes I mess up and get punished for it but I really do try. I don't a spanking over my bottom is needed and not corner time either. I think its too strict.

Posted in Punishment on 2017-08-22 19:14:14

Omg Analee, that's awful what happened to you!! Did you tell your parents what happened?? I think you should have. That's not right what he did to you. I'm 14 and spanked still on my bare bottom too. It happens to me too sometimes, like my body takes over from what Iwantit to do. It sucks I get wet when I'm getting spanked sometimes and I have no idea why that happens but it does. I hate that I cannot hide myself when it happens. Its very embarrassing cause your privates are seen too, not just your bottom. I have to do bottomless corner time too and what really bothers me about it is that my vagina can be seen. I have 2 brothers, 1 older and 1 younger. Its so humiliating doing corner time cause I know they can see my vagina. They don't look at me closely or stare but I know they can see it. I've told my mom and my dad about this this they make it sound like I'm just complaining for no reason and only think this stuff so I don't have to do corner time.

I've never been spanked by anyone but my father and my one uncle so that had to be horrible getting it from your cousin!! I guess I'm glad its only been them two that have done it.

Posted in l got spanked today on 2017-08-21 12:32:55

Hi JaneD So you know you're getting punished if she tells you to take off your make up, at least you know then. I just know I'm getting my punishment when my dad tells me. I always get it laying down on his lap or on my bed. On his lap is much worse cause then my butt is up higher so that's why I think it hurts more. Standing and bending over touching your toes for that cane must really hurt! Do you like the spankings better? My dad sometimes uses a fly swatter on me and that really hurts. My bottom stings for a while after it. I get corner time too so that's embarrassing and my bottom is kinda red. Sometimes my dad will just pull my panties down but sometimes he'll pull them all the way down to my feet then tell me to step put of them. If that happens, I don't get them back until after my corner time is finished. I'm going to ask to wash off my make up if I have any on next time. I know too I look awful after crying with my make up all smudged.

Posted in l got spanked today on 2017-08-20 14:48:40

I have had that happen to me sometimes. I never thought about taking it off before my spankings. There really isn't much time from when I'm told I'm getting one to when I actually do. Do you ask them first if you can wash it off before you get spanked? I never got a cane but my dad uses a plastic fly swatter on me sometimes. That always makes me cry.

Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2017-08-19 21:20:56

I'm a girl and get all mine from my dad. My mom doesn't spank me anymore.