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Posted in Mixed Wrestling Stories on 2017-08-13 19:16:45

This is a 100% true story. Anyone familiar with stories here can probably tell, Im not making it up. I was 19 at the time. I met a girl 15. She was with her friends, I was with one of mine. Anyhow, this girl was HOT. 5'7, 118lbs, Long dark brown hair and a body that was amazing. She was a virgin but at the point where she was wanting to try sex. Anyhow, I had (have) this wrestling fetish and was dying to wrestle with her. Well, one day she was telling me about a time she had wrestled this guy friend of hers and that she won. I was instantly intrigued. I started to joke with her about wrestling here and there. Once we were on the phone and I mentioned her wrestling her friend. I teased her a bit, and her response was..."Id pin your $%!@ to the ground." I instantly moved on that and kinda laughed. I said,,,anytime you wanna try, Ill wrestle ya. She was like, fine, lets do it. I said,,,ok, by MY wrestling rules? She laughed and was like,,,whatever. What are your rules? I said, you have to wear some real skimpy shorts. First one to pin and facesit the other wins! I thought for sure she would say forget it, but she kinda laughed and said fine. Youre on!!! (I was sooooo fkn excited.) Jumping ahead, about a week later we got a motel room for the first time. One of those 4 hr nap rooms. After kissing and fooling around in our clothes, she was like,,,"Hey, I thought we are gonna wrestle." I laughed and sid fine, but your not wearing the shorts. She was like, I'll be right back. She went into the bathroom with her purse and came out a few minutes later with a halter top on, and a pair of those shiny tight shorts. Kinda like the Hooters girls wear. But, they were black. VERY tight. I was floored and hard immediately. She kinda laughed and said,,,well? Lets go! I put the blanket on the floor and took off my pants. We both knelt, facing each other and she said GO! We started wrestling. I admit she was very strong. I was like 5'10, 150lbs at the time, but she was good. I'll admit, I wasnt trying my hardest, but she was fkn tough. After a few minutes, she had me on my back, and straddled my chest with her knees on my arms. It was really cute. She was really trying hard. I can tell. She moved up slightly and was sitting on my neck, kind of giggling. She asked if I gave. I was like Nope! Thats not the deal. She laughed and was like,,,Ok!!!! She moved up and sat her crotch right on my face. I was sooooo turned on. She sat up stright and just stayed there laughing. Asked me if I gave now. I again said no and somewhat struggled. She fought me back and moved up again, sitting her butt right on my nose and face. I could smell her light scent. A slight perspiration smell but really nice. I tried to turn my face but she closed her thighs so I couldnt turn. I started to really struggle and move her off of me. This time, she pushed me back on my back, then turned and facesat me in the 69 position. Her butt was right on my nose, my arms held down at my sides, with her knees on my elbows. She satt there for about 5 minutes as I struggled. Occasionally she would lift her butt up and ask me if I gave. I could see the outline of her panties when she did that. The purple elastic poking out the sides of her shorts. Then, shed sit back down, moving around until her butt was right on my nose again. Finally, I said I give. She laughed and said...I told you I coud kick your $%!@. Needless to say, that was the first night she ever had sex and lost her virginity. We repeated that night many times after that. Wrestling every time. Usually in underwear or nude until we had sex. I still bump into her now n then. She's married now with a daughter. She s still very pretty and her body hasnt changed. I only wish I never moved away! She was a keeper. This is a 100% true story. I always wanted to share it and decided today I would. Hope you enjoy!