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Posted in Choose my pjs on 2017-09-06 03:00:53

The deal was every weekend I'm in them all day but I get to help with the tapes if we're home. My mom's kind of like your aunt. If I'm in a diaper then I'm expected to just go in them. She thinks me making it is the exception. I learned to go between classes at school so she trusts me handle that. But at home she reminds me to go all the time.

Oh yeah I definitely get treated younger. I can't watch PG-13 or R movies either and I don't get a lot of screen time. My parents.. well my mom thinks being in diapers means I'm not ready for other stuff either. Your parents sound ok. Mom usually finds neighborhood girls to watch me. It's not a big deal and I like it better than when I have to stay at my aunt's house. She has younger kids so I get treated like them, early bedtime, etc. It doesn't happen a lot.

No I didn't but I'll ask. My diaper sticks out so I always worry about people seeing if we're out.

Posted in Choose my pjs on 2017-09-04 18:47:54

It's ok I know. My parents think still being in diapers means the kid treatment (like back zip PJs, baths, other stuff) so I know 2 piece PJs won't happen until I earn pull-ups. I think it's going to be a while :(

Yup I get changed in the morning and it's diapers the whole day. It turns out it's not what I thought it would be. Mom is only letting me do the tapes myself for now. She still does everything else like untaping, clean-up, etc. I guess it's a start but I'm kind of disappointed because this is more like I get to help instead of doing it myself. I asked if I could try doing all of it and she just said no not yet. If we go out I get changed into day clothes but I'm still in a diaper. It's kind of weird being in it all day now. It's still only on the weekends so I don't have to wear to school.

I know what you mean about being able to stay home alone. Sometimes I wish I could but it's kind of embarrassing to say this but I kind of don't feel ready for that. I haven't asked if I could stay home alone yet, not that my parents would let me. Why does it depend on the sitter? Who usually watches you?

Posted in Young Teen still in Diapers? on 2017-09-02 00:52:33

My mom would say there's no limit. I still get checked and changed.

Posted in Choose my pjs on 2017-09-01 03:23:42

I guess I don't need to take off my PJs. But I was just hoping to wear two piece PJs.

Good idea! I asked my mom and she said yes but only on weekends and only at home. She still checks me and if I need to change then I can try doing it myself with supervision. The downside is I have to be in diapers the whole day and I have to wear my back zip PJs at home. If we go out or visit family or I have a sitter then I get changed like normal. I guess it's fair.

I have a sitter two or three times a week mostly at night but sometimes during the day too. Mom changes me before we get in the car.

Posted in Should babysitter be allowed to punish on 2017-08-26 02:22:16

I'm 18. My babysitters are all younger but I have to address them as Miss (last name) even if I see them out shopping or other places. Mom says I'm the child and they're the adults in charge. They can spank me if I act up.