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Posted in Are girls stronger than boys? on 2018-06-09 05:18:11

Having been humiliated by girls a lot, I'm a boy and I think girls are stronger. All it takes to disable a guy is a hard kick to the balls, a full nelson or some handcuffs. Girls have put me in full nelson and then they pull down my jeans and strip me then beat me up. It doesn't take a lot to humiliate guy like me. So yeah I definitely think girls are stronger.

Posted in Boys being beat up by girls on 2018-06-09 02:50:57

There was these 2 girls I knew from school that loved to beat me up and over power me. They were Ashley and Kayla and they would beat me up in the girls locker room and when I was walking home from school. The girls would tie me to a pole or pull me in a full nelson then one girl would pull down my jeans and boxers shorts. This usually attracted a large crowd of girls who either cheered them to keep going or felt bad for me. Then Ashley and Kayla would start punching and kicking me relentlessly and would yank my clothes back down if I tried to pull them up again. After that, they usually left me on the scene with a bloody face and shirt. Usually some girls would pass by our location and they wanted to help me because I couldn't move at all. She would pull my jeans and boxers up and fasten them around my hips then pick me up slowly. Then I thanked her and she asked for my number and we went our separate ways

Posted in The Most Embarassing Things... on 2018-05-27 00:55:23

I have two older sisters named Hayley and Molly who loved to humiliate me growing up. With 2 working parents gone for most of the day, I was left on my own at home with my 2 nemesises, who I had to stop from humiliating me, usually by wrestling their pawing hands away from my jeans. Hayley and Molly were very pretty girls and popular socially, unlike me. Taller than me, my eldest sister, Hayley liked to exercise her superiority over me, and together with her best friend and inseparable side kick Molly, my 2 older sisters made a rather intimidating alliance to contend with, especially on my own and since I was only 5'6" and scrawny at the time. My sisters considered me to be a relatively tall and strong boy, however, both of my sisters were stronger, older, and taller than me. So on this particular evening, I was just minding my own business watching TV as normal after I had just come home from school. I was doing my best to keep my distance from the 2 evil tyrants of the house. At some point, I must have fallen asleep on the couch, still in my school clothes, a T-shirt, high top shoes, socks, and dark blue jeans with a brown Fossil belt. All I remember is waking up to a bright flash of light and loud laughter as I felt my jeans get yanked down. Then I saw Molly taking a peek inside my heart boxers and both girls were giggling. The bright flash of light was Hayley taking pictures of my heart boxers and of the girls pantsing me on her phone while I was asleep. When I was asleep, Hayley must have silently unbuckled my belt while Molly quietly unzipped and unbuttoned my pants. Then Hayley yanked down my jeans to my ankles very slowly in order to not wake me up. Molly was pulling my heart boxers up and both girls were taking a peek inside, giggling and commenting on how cute my heart boxers looked. The girls were startled when they saw that I was awake and I frantically ran away from them, jumping over the couch, obviously very embarassed to have been pantsed by my older sisters. But the humiliation was far from over. As I ran away, I felt my eldest sister Hayley, run up behind me and yank my jeans back down to my ankles. And when I say she yanked them down, I mean ALL the way down! I quickly pulled my jeans back up and began to tighten them with my brown belt as I ran. I noticed that Molly had trapped me into a corner and that was when I felt Hayley take position behind me and pull me into a tight full nelson with her arms under my arm pits and her hands locked together behind my neck. Seeing that her younger brother was unable to reach his hands down below his waist, Molly took advantage of me by kneeling down in front of me and stripping me down to my boxers. I tried escaping but Hayley was far stronger than me and she had me locked in place so I gave up. I felt completely humiliated and hopeless. First, Molly took the belt off my jeans and tossed it away. Then both my sisters squealed with excitment as Molly quickly slipped my jeans down to my ankles with her hands in my pockets.
Hayley then lowered her de-pantsed brother down to the floor in her lap with her arms still locking me in a full nelson. All I remember is feeling Molly whip my jeans and boxers completely off my legs. After she stripped me, Molly tossed my heart boxers and jeans aside. I was naked from the waist down with Hayley and Molly laughing hysterically at me. They were both pointing at my lower half laughing their $%!@ off at me standing there depantsed and humiliated. It was then looking down at myself that I realized what they were really laughing about. I had apparently gotten a very noticeable sleep boner too, and was standing there not only half naked, but with a very stiff erection in full view as well! Humiliated, I tried to cover myself, cowering in total embarrassment while having to endure being viciously taunted by both of my sisters. I could have died! I tried to run out of the room but they didn't let me get too far. The girls started grabbing and spinning me around and both of my sisters pulled my hands away so I could not even cover myself. My sisters had their fun holding me down and tickling my stomach to watch my big boner swing around right in front of their big, eager eyes. Held on the floor with Molly sitting on my legs and my eldest sister Hayley holding me from behind with her arms underneath my arm pits and her hands locked together behind my neck. I was rendered completely powerless, unable to get away, or even cover my very exposed erection. Hayley squealed loudly in delight as Molly tickled my sides closely, examining my erection in full detail and commenting on how big it was for me being such a "tall and scrawny little boy" Having their fun with me, Hayley and Molly and tickled me all over even daring to flick my weiner with their fingers every once in a while just to watch me jump. Finally, exhausted and defeated they let me up, but the nightmare wasn't over yet. Laughing at me with complete contempt Hayley tagged me right on the balls sending me crashing to the floor flinching in pain as both of them proceeded to strip me of my shirt next leaving me completely naked now. Molly held down my arms while Hayley unbuttoned my shirt. When Hayley finished the unbuttoning, Molly pulled my shirt off. Walking away with Molly at her side, Hayley told me I was to stay naked like I was for the rest of the day till right before our parents got home. So that was that.

Sophomore year I was chatting it up with a cute girl I really liked in the school corridor. All I remember is her talking to me and then feeling my jeans get yanked down to my ankles. My girlfriend had quietly snuck up behind me and gave my jeans a strong tug down. I blushed like a tomato and the girl I was talking to laughed and pointed at my heart boxers when she saw that a girl had just yanked down my jeans. After she laughed and pointed, my girlfriend then pulled down my heart boxers, exposing me completely. Later my girlfriend playfully told me she did just to embarrass me in front of her. She loves seeing me humiliated.

Posted in Women pantsing men (Women only) on 2018-04-12 00:07:41

My girlfriend pantsed me in front of her sisters and a few of her female friends at school. They were quite amused and entertained. I was the only guy hanging around the girls at the time, so my girlfriend thought it would be hilarious if she de-pantsed her boyfriend Ronnie in front of her sisters and friends in the school corridor. So she quietly snuck up behind me, knelt down, and pulled my jeans down as hard as she could, all the way down around my ankles. She pulled really hard on my jeans and with my belt fastened tightly, she ended up pullimg my heart boxers down to my ankles along with my jeans. The girls teased me and taunted me a lot. A pretty female teacher in a dress was also walking by when she saw my girlfriend pull down my jeans. She blushed for me when she saw my girlfriend yank down my jeans and boxer shorts, and she was almost laughing when she walked by. My girlfriend had a good laugh at me, she loves humiliating me, especially in front of other girls.