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Posted in I got pantsd on 2018-07-08 22:26:10

yeah that's happened to me too

Posted in Girls and Depantsing on 2018-07-06 04:12:31

I went clothes shopping with my girlfriend in the mall one day. She told me to try on a pair of dark blue jeans that we both liked and I did. I went inside the fitting room and put them on. It was a perfect fit, except a little bit loose. I asked my girlfriend if she thought they were too loose. "Well, let's test them!!" My girlfriend said. And with that, she kneeled down, shoved her hands into my pockets and pulled my jeans all they say down to my ankles. She pulled really hard on them because she pulled down my heart boxers too. She got a good long look at my goods. I was so embarrassed! I quickly went to the nearest fitting room and pulled them up. When I came out my girlfriend, looked really embarrassed. She apologized over and over to me, saying that she didn't mean to pull everything down and see me naked. I gave her a hug to show no harm was done. I bought the jeans because I really liked them and I told my girlfriend she could pull them down whenever and wherever she wanted to make her feel better. Big mistake! She really liked the sound of that.

Posted in Girls- Have you ever stripped a guy? on 2018-07-03 00:26:36

I am a guy, and when I was at school I was reguarly humiliated by a group of pretty girls, most of whom were in my class. At first, it was just verbal abuse and mean sexual taunting, but this quickly developed into physical abuse, kicking and slapping, and having drinks poured over my head. In the classroom, the girls would bend over a desk, pull down my jeans and heart boxers, and spank my bare $%!@ in front of the whole class, resulting in my humiliation as I was laughed at by my classmates. Eventually, the girls took to stripping me naked, usually in front of a large crowd of girls who wanted to watch. They would tie my hands and ankles together so I couldn't move at all. Then the girls would pull all my clothes off and leave me naked for anything up to an hour, sometimes longer, while they laughed and jeered at me, and played with my goods. They would taunt me, kick me and slap me, and make fun of my name. The girls would also write on me with their lipstick and marker pens. And finally after they had completely stripped me and left me with a bloody shirt and face, the girls would lather my face and chest up with their kisses, leaving my body covered in dark red kiss marks. The girls would then leave me tied up until a group of girls walked by and was kind enough to put my clothes back on, take care of me, and untie me.

Posted in depantsing on 2018-06-19 23:13:13

I was late going into a PE lesson and there was a girl in the corridor. She saw my baggy jeans and wanted to yank them down and really embarass me. She took the opportunity, so she snuck up behind me, grabbed my pants at the hips and pulled down my jeans even with a belt! I could have died! All the girls with her watched her depants me and they pointed and laughed at my red and white heart boxers

Posted in Embarrasing moments at school - guys only on 2018-06-10 02:08:25

When I was 16 I went to go get some food as usual before going home. As I came out, I started chatting with these pretty older women in dresses I had seen in a restaurant earlier who seemed interested in me - or drunk - but were at least 2-3 years older than me. As we were chatting I felt one of the women sneak up behind me and then in a split-second my heart boxer shorts were yanked up and before I knew it, I was dangling in the air as the girl gave me big unsuspected wedgie in front of the two other women. As I hung in ther air, I then began to plead with her to pull them down instead... Pull them down! That was a fatal error! I then realized that I was getting over powered as all 3 women decided to take advantage of what I was saying. The girl who gave me a wedige pulled me into a full nelson (arms wrapped around armpits with hands locked together behind neck). She restrained me even more because I was already holding my food. The woman in front of me then kneeled down, grabbed my boxers and my jeans with her hands in my pockets, and slipped them down to my ankles as hard as she could and the women circled around me. My jeans and heart boxers came down quite easily and fast considering I was wearing a tight belt and I suddenly felt very cold downstairs. I realized I was naked but as I was holding my food with both hands, I was rendered temporarily helpless because of the full nelson as well. I was completely overpowered as the woman who pantsed me was fully extended on the ground holding my jeans and boxers down around my ankles for all to see so I couldn't pull them up. The women were all laughing and whistling at me and my lower half, I was cold and very embarrassed. As I was struggling to get out, the woman holding my jeans at my ankles quickly snatched my belt from my jeans ensuring that it took no effort to pull them down from now on. I tried to pull up my boxers but as I pulled them up, they ripped in the women's hands. After that the girls ran off with my ripped boxers and belt. I pulled up my jeans, luckily I still had them, sharpish in front of my friends. Why did this happen? Very embarrasing and humiliating.