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Posted in Judicial Corporal Punishment on 2018-12-04 04:21:33

I agree, cp works

Posted in Judicial Corporal Punishment on 2018-03-03 01:09:44

Rape should never be used as punishment since it's such a violation of a woman's right to have sex with whoever she wants or not at all and can easily cause permanent damage to a woman due to STDs and all that.

JCP's purpose is to inflict pain, not to sexually violate a woman; the butt just happens to be the safest place to apply it. And you can always allow a female (or male, for that matter) to preserve some modesty by letting them cover their breasts and genitalia. And whoever is receiving corporal punishment should be allowed to choose their spanker's gender, whichever one they feel more comfortable with.

Posted in Judicial Corporal Punishment on 2018-03-02 05:23:33

The humiliation aspect would also be a strong deterrent. I don't think it should be out in the open since that would likely cause a disturbance (a heavy rubber strap hitting a bare butt is really damn loud). It should be in a special room just for corporal punishment where people can come to watch if they want to.

Posted in Judicial Corporal Punishment on 2018-03-01 01:57:44

Girls are equal to guys and should be treated the same way in all aspects of life, including in judicial whippings, which is unfortunately not the case in most countries with JCP. The consequences for both sexes need to be the same: a very sore bottom and plenty of tears.

Posted in Judicial Corporal Punishment on 2018-03-01 01:48:25

I hope you'd never be sent to prison, whether JCP is brought back or not.

A rattan cane can only be applied to the buttocks. Anywhere else and you risk fracturing bone, or worse. Foot whipping is normally done with a thin cane and is excruciatingly painful due to the amount of nerves present in the soles of the feet. It also serves as a constant reminder for whoever receives a foot whipping never to commit a crime again when they are walking, much as butt spanking is to sitting down. It's also almost always done with feet together so you can hit both feet at the same time. Butt whipping, however, should be done with legs spread apart to maximise the amount of butt area that is hit.