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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2017-04-10 21:09:11

Hiya! I'm a single mum to two great kids, a 12 year old girl and a 13 year old boy! The other day, my daughter and I were talking in front of the TV and she was saying she was curious about boys, and their...equipment...! She has never had a boyfriend. As we were talking I started to get an idea. I asked her how much she wanted to see a boy's privates, and when she said "very much", I told her to follow me. We went upstairs to my son's bedroom, and found he was sitting on his bed playing his guitar. I explained to him what had been said, and told him to stand up and strip down to just his boxers. He protested, and complained, but he did so! I then told my daughter to reach out and have a little feel of my son's privates through his boxers. She did and was giggling a little bit, and soon I saw a bulge in my son's boxers. My daughter saw it quickly too, and started feeling it and playing with it! Then, without warning, she pulled my son's boxers down and giggled as his willy bounced around, and then got into the typical rock hard, sticking straight up-right position! She started feeling and playing with his willy and balls, and kept whispering "wow" as she did so! My son was enjoying the experience too, and his willy was rock hard, and loved all the attention! My daughter spent a good 40 minutes or so exploring her brother's privates that afternoon, and she told me afterwards she enjoyed every second! Now though, she likes to have a little feel, play and explore of my son's privates almost everyday, and often whenever she feels like it! Once I caught her with her hand down his boxers when they were watching TV in the living room and I was cooking dinner in the kitchen!