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You'd be surprised what we can get away with in this town, since everybody is so relaxed about nudity here. Just the other day, I picked up the girls from school and took them to the nudist resort right after. Since I knew we were headed there, I didnt bring any clothes with me and drove naked. Of course, when the girls saw me they took off their clothes too, and we went over there naked. We met up with Daniel and ate at a restaurant at the resort, and when Daniel had to go back to work, we hung around for a bit and then left. As we were leaving, I realized I had some grocery shopping I needed to do, and the only Walmart in town was a few blocks from the nudist resort, and it made more sense to stop here instead of going home for clothes, so I decided I would see just how comfortable this town was with nudity. The girls and I got out and shopped around in the Walmart completely nude! The girls were super excited and so was I! Of course, plenty of people were staring at us, but nobody kicked us out. It took a little while because I had a big list of groceries that we had run out of, and I told the girls to act like this was completely normal, and people won't question it. We got all our stuff and went to check out, and our cashier was a young guy, maybe still in his late teens, and he was staring at us super hard. I could even see that he had an erection while he was talking to us. I asked him "have you seen any other nudists shopping here before?" And he said "yeah, but they're usually wrinkly old men" and we all laughed. We left and drove home and the girls were so excited and they were saying they want to go naked everywhere!

Hi Mike! Since winters in Florida go back and forth between chilly days and regular Florida heat, there will be some days where they wear their regular skimpy clothes, and other days where they'll wear sweaters or hoodies, usually with leggings or joggers (they're like sweatpants but more slim-fitting) if it gets cold enough. Some days its cold enough to wear a sweater, but not cold enough to really need bottoms and so more often than not, they'll still go bottomless. I noticed that Chloe will wear a shirt under her sweater in case it warms up so she can take it off later in the day, but Xena will wear her sweater with nothing under it. Just the other day when I was picking them up from school, I noticed that Xena was only wearing a sweater, and it was really short, and it exposed a little bit of her $%!@ when she was standing up. The way she was sitting in my car I could tell it was her bare $%!@ on the seat, and I figured she must've been sitting in her desk like that all day!

Thank you, Sarah! I'll be working to give them more and more revealing clothes as time goes on. Improving their body image and having them be comfortable with their bodies is my main goal. Fortunately, they aren't very shy with nudity, growing up at a nudist camp all their lives, completely nude around people of all ages and genders. I also wanted to get them to try exhibitionism, so for a few weeks now, I would drive them around naked in my car, and we'd get dressed once we arrive to where we're going. And just last night I took them to see a movie, and the three of us got naked in the movie theater! I've said it before, but my favorite place to practice exhibitionism is in a movie theater, it's dark and everyone's looking at the screen! It was pretty empty, since the movie had already been out for a few weeks, so only a handful of other people were there. At the time, we were all wearing only tank tops, so after about 15 minutes into the movie, we took them off and sat on them, and stayed completely naked for the whole movie. The thearer also had an exit door that you could use to go right out to the parking lot, so we used that and walked out to my car naked! It was very thrilling, and Chloe and Xena were so excited! A lot of people look at exhibitionism as "perverted" but I think it's a great way to boost your confidence and help you love your own body!

First, a little backstory on my boyfriend and his daughters. Earlier this year I moved to a small town on the gulf coast of Florida with my family, that's known mostly for it's popular nudist colony and resort. Since the town is very small and closely connected, everyone who lives here is either a nudist, or okay with everyone who is. I met my boyfriend, Daniel at the resort, and he's a very talented masseuse. When I first moved here, I would go in for a massage nearly every day to see him, and we started talking and really hit it off. Daniel is a single father of 2 daughters, Chloe (age 11) and Xena (age 10). They came to the resort every day after school because their dad worked late and they couldn't stay home by themselves. After Daniel and I got to know each other a bit, he asked if I'd be willing to babysit them after school until he gets home on weekdays. I told him I'd love to. Chloe and Xena liked spending time with me too, so every day I would be there when they got off the bus, and watch them, cook for them and clean the house until Daniel got home, usually around 8 p.m. I've been doing this for since August and dating Daniel all this time. I really just fell in love with this family. I moved in with them not long ago, and even though I'm only 16, I've been treating Chlor and Xena like they were my own daughters, and they've been treating me like a mother.

Now Daniel and his daughters are all nudists, and will proudly go naked around the house, like most people in the town. When they go outside, Chloe and Xena usually wear sundresses, skirts, or short shorts. They don't own any underwear, and they arent quite old enough to need bras yet. Daniel told me he likes having them wear revealing clothes, and that he wanted my help to get them to wear less. He likes the way I dress and he wants his daughters to be more like me. So I went out and bought a bunch of t shirts and jeans and skirts from the thrift store to cut up and make them more revealing. I took the jeans and cut them into shorts that would cover half of their $%!@ or less, then I cut out the belt loop on them to make them extra low rise shorts aswell. With the skirts, I did the same and cut them to be only a few inches long. My goal was to have them show off their $%!@ and be too short to sit on them. I also cut the armholes out of all the shirts and made sure to cut them deep enough to see their chest and stomach from the side. I gave the clothes to the girls and they were excited to wear them. I also told them to walk around barefoot more and see if they like it, since I know it can be very freeing and it looks super cute.

Daniel was happy with my new wardrobe I have to the kids, and they were happily showing off a lot of skin walking around wearing these revealing clothes. Of course it's gotten colder here now, so it's back to bundling up, but we can't wait for it to warm up again!

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That sounds amazing, Cindy! It's great that the coach is so relaxed about letting you practice and prove yourself naked. I'm sure it must have been exciting to show off to all the boys that you have what it takes to be a part of the team. Have you been naked in front of people any other times, at school or with the team?