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Posted in More questions on nude gym class (girls) on 2019-08-22 21:26:44

That sounds amazing, Cindy! It's great that the coach is so relaxed about letting you practice and prove yourself naked. I'm sure it must have been exciting to show off to all the boys that you have what it takes to be a part of the team. Have you been naked in front of people any other times, at school or with the team?

Posted in How much clothes to go out for mail? on 2019-04-10 14:27:13

I've got a community mailbox, and I have to walk about 300 yards to get to it, but I still go naked. My neighbors have seen me do it too, but it doesn't bother me.

Posted in Stripping at Parties on 2019-02-10 14:12:09

It is! Plus it feels great getting so much attention from the guys

Posted in Stripping at Parties on 2019-02-10 00:28:17

I've always found that getting naked at a party is the best way to liven it up. I'm always more than comfortable to go naked at parties, no matter who's there. A friend of mine throws parties pretty often, and there's usually a lot of people there I don't know there, but after a few drinks I lose my clothes and strut around fully naked. My friend loves this, because everyone else loves his parties, and I don't think its just because of the free drinks!

Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2019-02-09 20:59:09

He was a pretty heavy sleeper, so he wouldn't wake up or make noise. Sometimes I think he woke up but didnt say anything. He'd cuddle up and spoon with me, and I know he liked it. He slept naked too, and I could feel him poking my bottom or it would go between my thighs. When he woke up in the morning he would act like everything was normal, but I know I helped him sleep better.