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Posted in School showers on 2018-01-07 09:15:18

The school I went to in the 80s in Denmark had a weird floor plan. There was a big hall for sports and to the left and right of the hall, there were communal showers and communal changing rooms. On the left for boys and the right for girls. But for some reason a second, smaller sports hall was built to the left of the boys shower rooms. That means the only way to get to the smaller hall was through the boys showers.

Most of the time, this was not a problem. But sometimes the boys and girls sports were divided and the girls had to go to the small hall. And sometimes other classes, both older and younger, had to use the small hall. When the boys finished early or some girls (probably on purpose) were slow, the girls had to go through the boys showers as the boys were naked. The school considered this normal. This meant that most girls got to see most boys from their own and other classes naked several times.

I remember only two times it was reversed. At least for me. Some boys and me, one time, went to the girls shower room after they had been to ours. We thought it only fair, but the teachers got angry. The second time (for me) was when a football (soccer) team from another school went through our shower and they said it would be OK for us to look at them. I was 13-14 and they were 16-17. We only looked, but they felt sorry for us after they saw us shower naked.