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Posted in School swimwear on 2002-09-24 05:03:06

========== In Reply To ========== We were made to wear just bikni bottoms for co-ed swimming, tops weren't allowed - the justification I think was that we didn't have anything to cover up. It got really embarrassing when my boobs started to sprout in my last year at primary school - all the boys could see, and see how I was developing. I'm now 24 - does this still happen ?

no it doesent good news for you

Posted in Candice & Kristie's very cool poll! on 2002-09-23 02:37:54

hey how u doing



Posted in Candice & Kristie's very cool poll! on 2002-09-23 02:37:29

hey how u doing

Posted in wedgies on 2002-09-23 02:21:43

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2 years ago I gave this boy in the year below a wedgie. He was in year 9 (14 yrs old) and pretty cute but was one of those really annoying ego problems. I gave it to him front on. He was wearing shorts and I hoked the legs of his shorts so my fingers were going up the front of his thighs and lifting him up (with a little help from others). I think what happened next was my fingers rode up, pulling the bottom of the legs of his shorts up and up till my fingers reached the waistband of his briefs. They sort of slipped underneath the legs of his briefs. I didn't see anything but I know because I felt some hair(his pubes), soft wrinkled skin (probably his scrotum) and smooth tube likes skin which was probably his $%!@. He looked down at me embarresed and funny for a second and I sort of tickled his crotch with my fingers for a bit (I probably shouldn't have) and shifted his little $%!@ accross before letting go. He was pretty embarressed in a secret way towards me afterwards(no one else knew) and now it's become an ongoing joke between us 2. It's pretty sexy. He would'nt talk to me afterwards but ow he's matureed a bit more( and never annoys us anymore) and subtly jokes to me about incident like asking me if I wanted to give him another wedgie and rearraning himself at the same time. ha ha


holy hot i would like to meet u