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Posted in Human Neutering on 2021-05-31 05:04:12

Well it's upto you. I like having sisters now and we get along really good. Both of them know what it was like to be boys though and I still tease them about how they had everything cut off just because we thought it was fun ahaha

They both just wear my old clothing. Even my old underwear. But they hate wearing g-strings and bras the most. Last year we moved and there both enrolled in school as girls...they arnt on hormones or anything. But without there balls making testosterone they are starting to grow $%!@ and letting there hair grow long made them look alot more passable as girls.

Without a $%!@ or balls they arnt boys anymore...it took them a few months to realise they were girls but now they are cute and girly.

Posted in castration for fun on 2021-05-30 13:01:50

Did you ever end up castrating your boy? An easy method to do it would be to twist a few rubber bands around top of his ballsack while he is asleep...he won't notice it and will wake up castrated in the morning

Posted in Human Neutering on 2021-05-29 05:26:58

My 2 little brothers have both been castrated and there $%!@es removed nearly 3 years ago now. But me and mum decided to keep there genitals frozen down in the bottom of the chest freezer. We live on farm so not much chance of anyone finding them. But we take them out to tease then from time to time and they think they can still be re attached haha.

They are both being raised as girls though and not allowed any boy clothing at all.

Have you thought of maybe raising your boy as a girl? Let his hair grow long and without the male hormones he won't grow up manly...he will pass as a girl very easily.

Posted in Human Neutering on 2021-05-16 02:52:45

How is your boy going? And can I ask what happened to his $%!@ when it got removed?

Posted in Human Neutering on 2021-05-16 02:50:57

Can I ask Tobin...how come your parents castrated you? And how? I always find there seams to be a mixed bag of answers but most parents seam very open to castrating there sons if given the chance