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Posted in Premature Ejaculation Poll on 2017-08-28 17:33:41

Wow you are very lucky to have her make you do it in front of company, please tell me who was watching all of this

Posted in Premature Ejaculation Poll on 2017-08-28 17:31:17

My first premature ejaculation came when I was 14. My babysitter was 17 and she used to bath me. During the summer when it was hot, She brought her sister over who was 12. After my bath, my baby sitter would normally dress me in my PJ's and let me come down to watch TV. On one very hot evening my neighbours two girls 9 and 11 came in to play with her 12 yo sister. I was very embarrassed for the girls to know I was 14 and changed and ready for bed in front of the 3 younger girls. On this one very hot evening my babysitter said as it was so hot, I could leave off my PJ bottoms and just wear the top. I was horrified and couldn't believe and protested, my babysitter put my top on and I cam down in front of all three younger girls with everything on full show. Of course, I was fully erect as they laughed, pointed and mocked me. My Babysitter then called her friend who was 13 and a year younger than me in school and told him that although she was older, she thought he was cute and asked him around, He soon turned up and laughed at my shame, he sat next to the babysitter and soon they started to kiss, as soon as their lips touched, I ejaculated in full view of all of them. There were looks of glee and much humiliating teasing. My babysitter, took off my top to wipe up the mess and I had to stay completely naked in front of all of them.

Posted in caught naked and wanking on 2017-01-03 21:10:29

My 9 yo sister came in my room earlier while I was bottomless and I was watching TV. Since she has seen me her 19 yo brother naked and $%!@, it wasn't a big deal to her. She was watching TV with me and sat at the end of the bed.

After 20 minutes my 12 yo sister came in and told Ann my 9 yo sister that her three 6 yo friends who lived down the road for us had come asking for her to play. I was scared that she would bring them in while I was naked but at the same time, it made me feel very horny.

Ann told them to come through, I lay on the bed and covered my winky with my hands. They came through and initially laughed and were all eyes then after 20 minutes one said, I am going to strip myself down to my vest and pants. My heart almost missed a beat and my winky went fully hard.

She got down to her vest and and pants and the other girls did the same. They all got up on the bed with me and I started $%!@ing they giggled and laughed and asked questions. My sister explained that I should really peel my foreskin back so they could see my cherry exposed and suggested that one of the girls do it to me.

They all held their hands up excitedly and my sister picked Alice. She started to ease my foreskin back with tiny tugs laughing as she was going. Every so often she pulled it back a bit too quick and I would flinch and give out a very wimpy sound and she would say sorry.

Eventually it came back all the way and my cherry was on full show. My sister said "leave it go now - he will come just by kissing". Pre-$%!@ was coming out on my legs as I kneeled on the bed facing the girl. She held her hands out in front of her and I met her hands with hers, interlocking them lovingly. She puckered her lips and moved close to me, I nearly fainted and my heart was beating fast. I closed my eyes puckered my lips and expected our lips to touch. Instead she blew in my face and pushed backward onto my back so my exposed cherry and erect winky pointed up. They all laughed.

They started saying you are 19 yo and you have been teased by a 6 yo. I stayed on my back and they laughed and teased me. The next thing my 12 yo sister brought in her friend from school, a boy called john. The 6 yo who teased me said, I wouldn't mind kissing him. They got on the bed and started kissing. John put his hand down the front of her pants and I nearly passed out, all my $%!@ shot out.

Posted in caught naked and wanking on 2017-01-02 19:39:10

I am 19 yo and this summer I had a rash come up between my legs and I was given cream for it and told that while I was home to go bottomless whenever possible.

I felt a little uncomfortable around my Mum naked at first but soon got used to it. I have a sister who is 12 and another who is 9 and I have never seen either of them naked. We live in a caravan and the bedroom doors open out into the living room where the TV is.

To avoid embarrassment, our Mum told me one day I should stay in my room and the girls have the living room and the next day the opposite. One day, my sisters friends came over to visit and they are Carrie aged 14, Lindsey age 11, Sarah aged 11 and my youngest sisters friend Joanne aged 8 and her sister Lynne aged 5.

The girls all had new outfits mainly for their school party and they all wanted to show each other their new outfits. It was my turn in the living room and I was watching movies. I could hear them banging about in their bedroom and laughing as they were changing.

Being an older boy at 19 they were all interested in seeing what I would think about how they looked. The 5 visiting girls wanted to show me each one of their costumes but my sisters told them that they could not come in because I had no bottoms on. I could hear them gasp and laugh and giggle over this.

I suggested that they could come in just to show me one at a time if I covered my winky up. they said that was okay provided the bedroom door was kept open. So the first to do this was my sisters, they changed then came in and while they were there I had a face flannel covering my winky.

Carrie the 14 yo changed and came in next in a very short mini skirt showing a lot of pantyhosed leg with a low top. She said what do you think (looking right down at my crouch area to see if she could see any of my winky or balls). I went erect and had my hand over the flannel anyway but I was quite erect and pushing down against it.

I said wow, you look lovely and she smiled and made out to bow and as she brought her hand across I could see her hairy armpits and when she bowed she had a nice cleavage. My heart was beating quickly and was very excited and could feel myself getting wet.

Next came Lindsey one of the 11 year olds. She was very well developed for an 11 yo and had a big bust and bright ginger curly hair with glasses and was very spotty. She was a bit chubby but looked nice with her low cut top showing cleavage. She said what do you think and I was trembling and found it hard to hold down my erection - I said wow you look amazing and if I were your age I wish you were my girlfriend. This really flattered her as boys took no interest in her because she had bright ginger curly hair, glasses, braces, very spotty and chubby. She said, you are sweet and blew me a kiss which made my winky so wet, I could feel it start to soak through the flannel. As she turned to do walk back to the bedroom, she twirled on the spot and her skirt flew up revealing her thigh in tan tights, I was hoping I could see her pants but I could just see her thighs which made me want to $%!@e.

The next girl Sarah 11, came in and looked nice She had a skirt on that came down between her knees and legs, she was quite tall for her age and pretty. She showed me her dress and and pulled the front up to just above the knees so I could see her bare knees in tights, I almost fainted. I let out a really pathetic "ccwwwoorrr" sound and she laughed and said do you like my legs? I started panicking and gulping and said in a stutter "y-yy-yes" she laughed again as she knew she had me going and she said "my other skirt shows a lot of leg and she smiled. I let out another pathetic wimpy "wwwhhhhhoooor" sound, she walked off knowing she aroused me.

Just as she walked off I took my flannel of my winky and my winky and the flannel were wet - soaked. I wanted to start wanking there and then and I almost went with the urge to do it as the next girl Joanne the 8 yo came in. She had a short skirt on and smiled and her eyes were fixed on the flannel - she must have been that age where she took interest,

She said, your cloth is wet, do you want me to get you another and I said thank you. As I passed it to her - I took my hands away and exposed my erection to her and it sprung up. She took the flannel and looked down at my winky she looked with glee. I felt so nice with everything on show in front of an 8 yo and just stayed there with my hands on the floor and winky sticking out. It was leaking from the end where I was so aroused and she said "I better get you another cloth. She was gone for a little while while she told the other girls as there was a lot of laughter and whispers. Joanne came back in and said there is no other clothes so she passed me two small sheets of toilet paper. I said thanks and she stayed there above me looking down at it. I left it exposed and she just stayed there.

All of a sudden the last girl Lynne 5 came in and I kept everything exposed and she looked and giggled and fixed her eyes on it - I kept wiping the soaking end with the toilet paper which had virtually dissipated with wet.

My two sisters came in and told Joanne and Lynne to go and get there other stuff. My sister laughed and called me a wanker. They showed me there other outfit and I felt ashamed that my two younger sisters could see me naked and sexually aroused so I put my hands on it to cover my shame.

They went and then Carrie 14 yo came in wearing a very short skirt and looked down and laughed at me holding my winky. She had make-up on and looked gorgeous. She said where is your cloth? and I told her it got wet - she said teasingly "did you pee yourself". She said do I look okay and I was drolling and stuttered a pathetic "y-yyou llook l-ll-lovely"I asked her if she would take her hair down (so I could get a tantalizing peek at her hairy armpits). She raised her arms and I could see the thick mass of hair under her arms. She saw me look at I went "ccwwwoooorrr" she laughed and came over to me and bent over infront of me revealing her cleavage and she said "you are a 19 yo and you are wanking over a 14 yo. I looked at her big cleavage thinking of her hairy armpits and looked down and realised that I was actually playing with it, not full on but I was rubbing the end of it and it was soaking - she looked me in the eyes then looked at me playing with it and whispered "wanker". She blew me a kiss and I started properly wanking slowly - she walked off satisfied.

My sisters had turned the heating up full and I was sweating profusely. All i Could think of was Carries hairy armpits and her teasing me and I was actually wanking - I wasnt thinking and Lindsey one of the 11 year olds came in. She had short bright curly ginger hair and she has make-up on which made her spotty face look worst. She looked down and burst out laughing as she caught me wanking.

I stopped shocked and put both my hands over it. She came close and said "you know you said earlier that if you were younger I would be my girlfriend! - I said yes, she said "will you go out with me - will you be my boyfriend" I trembled at the thought and it turned me on so much. I said, "yes - yes please". She came and sat next to me and took my hands away to reveal my erect $%!@.

The other girls came in as she was in for so long and they all saw me with my winky fully erect and leaking juice, my sister said "oh no - hes coming on the carpet" and ran to get some tissue which she came back with. Carrie explained to the younger girls that it wasnt $%!@ but pre-$%!@ juice as they had all turned me on and made me feel sexy.

Lindsey told the other girls that I was her boyfriend and they couldnt believe a 19 yo was going out with a chubby spotty short ginger haired girl with braces and glasses. She said to me - you was wanking over me when you came in why have you stopped. All the girls gathered around close and I was soaked in sweat. I stared wanking and Carrie said, you are supposed to pull your foreskin back so your cherry is exposed. I tried but I couldnt as it was tight. Lindsey said I will help. Her hand went around it and I went weak and almost fainted - sweat was pouring off me. She pulled the skin back a little bit and it was going back further but I kept saying ouch and the girls laughed.

Carrie said let me try - she yanked it hard and it went back mos of the way and it hurt and started crying. I was there with my foreskin most of the way back and my winky erect. When stopped crying, Lindsey said ok let me give it another go and she genty kissed me on the lips. She gently eased it back working with me so when I cried out she took it easy. Eventually it went back. The 5 yo said "whats that"and Carrie said "thats his cherry" she came closer and looked at it.

Carrie said hes ready to come now as his foreskin is back and his cherry is exposed. Both my sisters were laughing non-stop that they could see their 19 yo brother on full display with his cherry out ready to $%!@. I was soaked and exhausted and my winky was throbbing. Lindsey got up and pulled her skirt up to her thighs - teasingly just short of her pants and some pre-$%!@ squirted out and the 5 yo and 8 yo girls giggled and my sisters laughed and the little pre-squirt.

Carrie looked me in the eyes and slowly smiled and raised her arms and grinned I could feel the $%!@ coming through, I had Lindsey showing me her legs, Carrie showing me her hairy armpits and I was sitting there drowning in my sweat with my cherry on show not wanking but ready to come.

I just saw my youngest sister Ann move out the corner of my eye and when looked at her, she had took her dress off and I could see her sports bra/vest and white pants under her light tan tights I went "ccwwooorrrr" and my juice shot out for the first time with my foreskin fully back - it shot up into the air and landed on my winky and legs - the girls laughed and when they saw everything, they went back into the bedroom.

I collapsed back on the floor with my arms behind my head and my legs wide open with my $%!@ covering me - I enjoyed it and liked staying like that. My 9 yo sister came back in alone and kissed me gently three times on the lips - she looked at me and said sorry I made you $%!@. I said its okay - will you do it again? She said not now darling but later and kissed me on the lips gently another 3 times. My winky got fully erect and she laughed and said - I know I make you wank - later I will come on and we will pull your dicky-skin back gently and kiss your lips until you come. She walked out and I collapsed back on the floor and went to sleep covered in $%!@.

I was woke up by my mum and her friend and her three daughters 17 yo 15 yo and 10 yo - I was supposed to have showered by 17:00 and been up to help them with their school studies. Instead they all walked in on me on the front room floor - nothing on with my foreskin pulled back and cherry on show with my legs wide open and my legs and belly covered in $%!@.

My mums friends daughters roared with laughter and said hes a real wanker. Her mum tried to cover for me and said no hes just fallen asleep and had a wet dream - the girls laughed and the 17 yo said no mums hes been wanking as his foreskin is back and his $%!@ looks sore and red where hes been doing it - hes a wanker alright.

Posted in Pool Change Rooms on 2017-01-02 09:32:59

The 13 yo came over today and said she is bringing friends over later. was dressed when she came over and the first hing she did was make me stand up and she took my bottoms off.

We sat down on the sofa and started kissing, my mum and her friend Julie came in and sat down on the other sofa.

The 13 yo kept kissing me and I felt pre-$%!@ going through my dicky. I was fully erect. She said its time to pop your foreskin back and she reached down and gently slid my foreskin back. I turned to kiss her and she said no not yet - i kiss will make you $%!@.

Just then the three 6 yo's came in and sat on the floor around me. They laughed at me fully erect with my cherry on full display.

Julie is 55 and very big with big breasts. She stood up and said to my mum "my tights keep coming down" and she reached down to her knee and started to ease her tights up, I could see her legs in her tan pantyhose about 3 inches up from her knee and out I spurted. Everyone laughed at this.

I sat there for a while bottomless with my foreskin pulled back. Julie got up and as she was leaving came across to me and said it was nice to see a 19 yo ejaculate openly in front of my 13 yo girlfriend and 3 6 yo's. As soon as she started talking to me, I became erect and could feel my juices flowing again.

Thats all she said and I ejaculated again just by her talking to me! Everyone laughed.

Just before she went through the door, one of the 6 yo's said to her watch this, and she pulled up her skirt and straddled me - I became erect and she slowly lowered herself so her pants touched my dicky - i nearly fainted as I realised that all was seperating her douffer and my dicky-bird was the thin cloth of her panties. It spurted out