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Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-05-20 18:09:01

I think that boys need discipline just as much as girls do. I don't have any boys myself but I have friends and family that do and they definitely need spankings. Boys should be tough and pain builds toughness. Hopefully is your parents see this they step up their discipline to match what you receive.

The introduction of toys to your forced $%!@ion would be interesting. I think your brothers should have to $%!@e as well for the same reasons you do.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-05-19 07:34:56

I am curious about your siblings as well.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-05-18 05:36:23

We're you ever spanked on your bottom growing up? Hot punishment and genital spanking seems like a strange place to start. Could you give any details on your forced $%!@ion?

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-05-17 05:37:50

That is an interesting punishment. Our family likes spicy food as well so we always have some around as well. That was one of the things that interested me about using them for punishment. It sounds like your parents were thoughrow with your punishments. We're you tied for any of the punishment?

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-05-16 04:13:38

Michaella, I am interested in learning more about using hot peppers for punishment. I have used ginger paste many times and would like to try some other options. I agree with using restraints when you spank your daughter. My to girls are always restrained and gagged for their spankings. I am interested in why you think girls over 9 should not be spanked on their vaginas.

At 10 years old you should not only be using your hand to spank your daughter's bottom. Try a hairbrush or a belt and see if those are more effective.