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Posted in Magician's assistant on 2019-08-22 22:09:34

I think for the explosive trick it would have to be a professional assistant just because it has to be set up before the show even begins. She would have to swallow the explosives before the show so it's ready for the trick. But it could be a really great opener, the magician could then say since his original assistant is gone he's taking volunteers from the audience. And it would demonstrate well how lethal the tricks could be.

Thinking of the 'splash zone' of this trick, the first couple rows might get sprayed by blood or gore, made me think of this old comedian gallagher. He would smash fruit on stage with a sledgehammer, spraying the audience. I don't really get the appeal, but how would you feel about a show like that, sarah? Like, instead of a watermelon, it would be a volunteering girl's head? Just a thought, I think it might be a bit too violent an end for some people though.

Posted in Magician's assistant on 2019-08-16 22:20:46

Ok I've come up with a new trick idea if anyone's interested. This one's a little gruesome.

So the trick starts with the magician showing the audience some sort of timed grenade or explosive. He sets the timer, for something like 2 minutes or so, and has his beautiful assistant place it in a small wooden box. He locks the box with a padlock and hands the key to the assistant and instructs her to swallow the key. After she does so, while she's still holding the box, he tells the audience he only has a minute left to get the box open and turn off the bomb or it will explode in the assistant's hands. He places a cloth over the box, taps/says the magic words, and poof the lock is unlocked.

The twist comes next, he has the assistant open the box, but all she pulls out is a key! He turns to the audience and says something like "But you were supposed to swallow that! If the key is in the box, you must have swallowed the-" Then the bomb, which is actually in her stomach, explodes, spraying the first couple rows with the assistant's insides!

Hey Jen, you're right I totally approve! $%!@s are a great way to make quick money, plus meet cool new people/clients. Make sure to bring plenty of coke, after $%!@ing 4 or 5 guys Kaila will probably be tired and even sore, but a quick bump and she'll be right back on them no problem. One thing I can suggest is that she ask those guys she sucked off to bring their friends. You could even do something like twenty bucks off for each friend you bring, that way there's plenty of johns paying to $%!@ your daughter. With luck you can end up with a dozen or two guys partying, if that's too much for K to handle maybe L can have her first taste of prositution? Of course you could always take up the slack too, I'm sure you'll be horny for some action too!

Hey Jen, sounds like you have a really sweet daughter. I have to admit I never hooked to buy my mom anything, I feel bad about that now! Plus it sounds like she's confident enough to really go out and find her own customers, that's great for her age she must be very sure of herself. And even if she loves to do it, that's still such a sweet thing to do for you, 3 hours of $%!@sucking can be tiring!

Its also great she made so much money, she really knows her value which is important. I remember when I first started whoring I had no clue how much to charge, I was super naive. I think for the first couple weeks it was like 50 bucks got you everything, I was sucking for 10 dollars! So it's really good K is charging a proper amount, even if she loves doing it no point in not getting good money where she can.

I'm really glad you were so supportive of Laila too. I remember when I used to get dragged into the principal's office for $%!@ing in a bathroom or sucking in the halls, my mom would flip out. I wasn't even as young as Kaila then I think either. I think now my mom would be a lot more accepting like you though. It's great that you're such a role model to her too, using your body to get the principal to see things your way, I think between you and her big sister she'll be sucking $%!@ in the mall parking lot in no time! Also really sweet you spent the day with her after, I hope you bought her nice stuff to reward her too.

That's a really original idea Jennifer, it must drive Kaila crazy! It sounds like she's really enjoying being a prostitute too, which is good because drugs and cigarettes are $%!@in expensive! She's right about older guys too, in my experience they're more gentle and cuddly, especially if they know how young you are. It's like they think you're fragile or something. I guess that's ok sometimes, but I'm the opposite of Kaila, I don't like $%!@ing older guys for that reason. Teenagers and younger guys (who are experienced) $%!@ me a lot harder and are quicker to do the rougher stuff, which is really what I like. I might try your idea though, maybe go without any $%!@ for a day or two so I'm really fiending hard, maybe even going into withdrawl, then smoke up and/or shoot up just before I $%!@. It sounds like K really loved it.