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That's a really original idea Jennifer, it must drive Kaila crazy! It sounds like she's really enjoying being a prostitute too, which is good because drugs and cigarettes are $%!@in expensive! She's right about older guys too, in my experience they're more gentle and cuddly, especially if they know how young you are. It's like they think you're fragile or something. I guess that's ok sometimes, but I'm the opposite of Kaila, I don't like $%!@ing older guys for that reason. Teenagers and younger guys (who are experienced) $%!@ me a lot harder and are quicker to do the rougher stuff, which is really what I like. I might try your idea though, maybe go without any $%!@ for a day or two so I'm really fiending hard, maybe even going into withdrawl, then smoke up and/or shoot up just before I $%!@. It sounds like K really loved it.

Sorry if the sex talk offended people, it just came naturally in the conversation. And honestly other drugs aren't even much worse than cigarettes don't be so judgey. As far as prostitution goes, how else do you expect a 13 year old girl to support her 2 pack a day habit?! You can't even get a 'real' job at that age!

That sounds great for your grand, and for your daughters Jen. We still are hardcore into partying and drugs too, I love coke and meth especially. My friends super been into heroin too, me not as much. The high school nurse gives out these little narcan things for in case someone ODs too, so it's a lot less scary because if it's a bad hit you aren't gonna die or anything. I haven't had to use it, but I've used it twice on my friend when she ODed altready!

I'm still smoking cigarettes too, I'm up to 4 packs a day about. I'll smoke at least one during school,then chain smoke another right after. I met some guys who think it's really hot for a little girl to smoke so when I $%!@ them I'll go through a pack or two sometimes. Back in winter I smoked a lot more too to keep warm. it really sucked, on cold days I'd be coughing up blood cuz the air was so cold!

Love to hear from everybody!

Posted in Shirt/blouse collars and ties on 2019-04-07 13:49:32

The poll isn't working, so I'm going to post my answers here:

Female, 13, I'm forced to button.

Not elastic

Started at 13

I buy in person, with my mom and it's always the tightest she can close.

At what age did you start wearing your collar this tight? If you wore your collar differently at different ages, please list them all here and explain. 13, my mom enrolled me in a private school. They don't require it that tight, my classmates have theirs comfortable, but my mom wants me to make an impression. Before this, I don't think I ever buttoned my top button.

How tight do you tie your tie? As tight as my parents can possibly tie it No matter how tight my tie is, my parents will always tighten it more

At what age did you start wearing your tie like this? If you wore your tie differently at different ages, please list all here. 13, I wore a tie maybe twice before and each time it wasn't even fastened up to my neck, the knot was around my cleavage area.

Do you choose to wear your tie like this, or are you forced? I am forced

Is it comfortable wearing your collar and tie like this? It's okay I can feel my neck throbbing :( It's hard to eat or swallow while wearing them It feels like I'm choking It feels like I'm being kicked in the throat

How often and for how long do you wear a collar and tie like this? Explain Everyday all day at school. When I get home I can change out of my uniform into comfy clothes.

Why do you wear your collar/tie like this? To look respectable To keep me in my place As a punishment

I'm kind of getting used to it and a little proud of how much tighter my collar is than my friend's. Still wish I didn't have to though.


Posted in Getting a larger collar size on 2019-04-07 13:41:59

Female, 13 years old.

My parents decide.

I can request that I be allowed to get a larger collar size and my parents would have to approve it, but I will be punished if it is determined that I don't actually need a larger collar size. How will you be punished? My mom makes some part of my uniform more uncomfortable, like a too small bra or shoes.

When do you get a larger collar size? When I can no longer button it closed even with help

Just started recently, my mom enrolled me in a private school and wants me to wear really tight collars. I don't like it, I never wore a uniform like this before and never really buttoned up my shirt. I do kind of like how tight it is, in a really weird way. Anyway, no matter how I complain if my mom can still button it, I have to wear it.

Do you change how you wear a shirt when it starts getting too small? For example, do you tighten your tie less when the shirt is almost too small? I don't change it, my tie is still super tight. I'm used to wearing tight shirts though, it's not a big deal for me.

What happens to your old shirt when you get a larger collar size? Keep it and wear it only for punishment uniform I grew out of my first shirt this january. I misbehaved at school once and my mom made me wear it to school. My face was red all day, it was dark red when I got home.

How do you feel about this rule? At what age did you start following this rule? I started at 13, only had to wear it for punishment once so far in february. When I got home with by dark red face and bloodshot eeyes I was immediately impressed I made it all day wearing it though, I felt weirdly proud. So I guess I kind of like the rule?